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A New Paradigm For Identity Assurance
By RSA | 1/3/2017

The criminals, hacktivists, and others trying to breach corporate cybersecurity are just like anyone else: they want to accomplish their mission as efficiently as possible. So why focus on compromising an organisation's access device or infrastructure? That’s not where the action is.

Advanced threats today target what is on either side of those systems: the user sitting at the keyboard, and the corporate data he or she has access to as part of the job. The goal for the attacker is to compromise identities, impersonate legitimate users to glide past security controls, find valuable data, and glide back out undetected.

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Responding to Today’s Advanced Threats
By LogRhythm | 19/4/2016

True enterprise security intelligence requires real-time awareness and an understanding of all data traversing the network. Find out in this product review how you can get visibility to detect threats to the organization and responding to them in a timely fashion.

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Security Analytics: The Cornerstone Of Modern Detection And Response
By RSA | 5/2/2016

Keeping your company secure is as much about detecting and responding to attacks as they occur as it is about preventing attacks before they happen. Given the proliferation and sophistication of malicious entities, organizations must assume that they will be infiltrated and have an effective detection and response strategy. In this report Forrester Consulting evaluates how the capabilities of SIEM and security analytics solutions stack up against the current threat landscape.

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eBook: Defending Against Insider Threats in the “Snowden Era”
By CA Pacific | 3/2/2016

Insider threats and data breaches are becoming more and more common and the stakes have never been higher. This ebook details the strategies and best practices for defending against insider threats that can lead to significant data breaches.

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High availability is not a luxury
By Arcserve | 31/8/2015

When markets are global, employees work around the clock and business is effectively always on, any interruption to application availability can quickly lead to lost revenue, lost productivity, lost brand value, and regulatory problems. Read on to learn how to deal with this type of existential threat.

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Threat intelligence: Shellshock
By F5 Networks | 17/4/2015

A high profile vulnerability released to the public will draw the attention of people who will use the opportunity to take advantage of vulnerable machines. This whitepaper provides information on the security threat "Shellshock" and its mitigation process.

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2014 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report 4Q 2014
By IBM Australia | 26/3/2015

This quarterly report from the IBM X-Force research and development team provides a closer look at today’s security risks – from new threats arising from within the Internet of Things, to the sources of malware and botnet infections.

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Application Usage and Threat Report
By Palo Alto Networks | 5/1/2015

The Application Usage and Threat Report (June 2014) provides a global view into enterprise application usage and the associated cyber threat landscape. Accomplished by summarizing network traffic assessments conducted across more than 5,500 organizations worldwide between March 2013 and March 2014.

This version of the report will analyse the relationship between threats and their application vectors. The most surprising data points being both the diversity of applications displaying threat activity and the high concentration of activity surrounding only a few key techniques.

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The F5 DDoS protection reference architecture
By F5 Networks | 12/11/2014

For the foreseeable future, a two-tier DDoS protection architecture should continue to provide the flexibility and manageability that today’s architects need to combat the modern DDoS threat. This recommended DDoS protection reference architecture leverages F5’s long experience combatting DDoS attacks with its customers. •Learn the four categories of DDoS threats and the recommended mitigation architectures •Answer why you should consider a cloud based scrubbing service and how to choose one •Understand the benefits to a multi-tier DDoS protection architecture

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Filling the threat management gateway void with F5
By F5 Networks | 12/11/2014

The recent discontinuation of Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) requires enterprises to find a new solution to secure corporate access to the web. •See the alternative paths to security after the discontinuation of the popular Microsoft Forefront TMG •Understand the important standards needed for new solutions to safeguard web access •Learn the four functions needed to ensure secure and managed access to Internet resources

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