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2017 Vulnerability Management Survey Infographic
By Rapid7 | 2/6/2017

Cloud Security and Staff Security Training are the 2 biggest challenges facing Australian organisations in 2017, according to the CSO and Rapid 7 Vulnerability Management Survey.

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2017 Vulnerability Management Survey Report
By Rapid7 | 2/6/2017

Vulnerability management still wanting as Australian businesses struggle to stay ahead of security risks. Australian businesses are still suffering from deficient vulnerability scanning practices, according to new survey data suggesting the industry is shifting away from implementing specific technologies and towards broader capabilities including cloud security and incident detection and response.

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The rise of the marketer: Driving engagement, experience and revenue
By Marketo | 23/2/2015

Marketers have seen their jobs transformed over the past ten years. The transformation is happening again—but faster this time. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s survey of 478 high-level marketing executives worldwide, more than 80% say they need to restructure marketing to better support the business. Find out: which six areas leading marketers believe the change will occur in, why nearly 30% see the need for change as urgent and critical to their success, and how marketers see the future.

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State of Hybrid Cloud
By InFront | 19/2/2015

This report looks at the state of hybrid cloud based on a 600-organisation survey across the APAC region, focusing on their current usage and attitudes towards on and off premise, private and hybrid cloud service provision. Find out the top rated perceived benefits for adoption, the major barriers that are holding organisations back and what the future holds for investment in this technology.

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Survey Results: Technology in Education Infographic
By Dell | 18/2/2015

Over 400 education professionals were surveyed on the state of technology in education. The survey and infographic cover insights about the biggest priorities for 2015, biggest challenges and how technology is currently being used in teaching.

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Long-distance IT: Driving efficiency in remote offices
By Citrix Systems Asia Pacific | 12/1/2015

In this paper, IDG research highlights the many ways WAN optimisation solutions with a built-in Windows Server lead to more efficient branch office it. · Supporting branch offices is a costly, time-consuming job made tougher by having no one on-site to do it

· WAN optimisation solutions mostly do a good job of improving remote office performance and lowering network costs but are now facing new demands

· There is currently only one on the market with all of the capabilities that businesses with branches need

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Evolving data warehouse architectures in the age of Big Data
By Cloudera | 31/10/2014

Big data is a major driver of change with its burgeoning size, sources, frequency of delivery, and diversity of structures. This report discusses how data warehouse architectures are evolving. - The adoption of advanced analytics and real-time operation influences data warehouse architectures - Given the rising complexity, DW architecture is more critical than ever in order to make sense of, govern, and optimize complicated multi-platform DWEs - Research was conducted via interviews with industry experts and leading-edge user companies

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The business value of an enterprise data hub
By Cloudera | 31/10/2014

With so many organizations seeking a reliable, real-time, and affordable Big Data solution, this whitepaper asks: what is the barrier to full adoption and production? • Enterprises are planning full-blown multi-workload data hubs at the heart of the data centre. • A Sand Hill Group survey found 62% of respondents anticipated advanced analytics becoming a top use case for Hadoop, but only 9% were primarily using it that way today • Learn how a platform approach ensures superior performance aligned to a wide variety of use cases and additional functionality.

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The ROI of consolidating backup and archive data
By EMC Corporation | 8/9/2014

This whitepaper focuses on IDC research into twelve different organisations the benefits of relying on a consolidated approach to protecting backup and archive data.

These interviews provided valuable insight into the realized benefits of an integrated
data protection strategy

IDC analyzed 
the data from three interviews and
 compared the results with data and
 insights from nine other interviews 
conducted previously

Customer benefits realized include strong ROI and annual savings, IT staff productivity optimization, and end-user productivity improvement

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Can you build true innovation into outsourcing contracts?
By UXC | 25/8/2014

True innovation isn’t achieved by technology alone. This paper looks at the nature of innovation and how difficult it can be to recognise, let alone embed within your ICT outsourcing arrangements, and offers better ways of enabling true business innovation. • A Deloitte survey of 5000 young leaders found that 78% of ‘millennials’ cited innovation as one of the top three purposes of business • Only 58% of the young leaders from Australia believed they work in an innovative organisation and just 46% felt their organisation helps them to be innovative • Clauses in ICT outsourcing contracts relating to innovation are typically both extremely limiting and impractical to deliver.

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