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The benefits of converged data protection platforms for mid-size businesses
By StorageCraft | 22/5/2019

In business today, data is growing at an accelerating rate. Explosive data growth, coupled with a lean IT staff at most midmarket organizations have placed an immense burden on data protection and storage infrastructure requirements. Additionally, IT teams are constantly challenged to balance capacity planning and storage costs, which often leads them to do forklift infrastructure upgrades as they struggle to adapt to dynamic requirements. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can eliminate these common issues and keep data protected.

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Taking a Modern Approach to Data Protection for Web-Scale Infrastructure
By Cohesity | 28/2/2019

Threats to data have never been greater or more sophisticated. From ransomware attacks and a dizzying array of unmanaged endpoints to simple human error, enterprises must do more to ensure the availability of their mission critical data when and where it is required. The regulatory, legal, operational and financial implications of lost or compromised data are staggering. This paper looks at a new breed of modern, web-scale data protection solution—and examines how it makes data protection more manageable, more reliable and more affordable than legacy approaches.

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Mordernise With Dell EMC Unity
By Dell EMC | 9/1/2018

7 Top Reasons to Migrate. Dell EMC Unity is modernising the datacenter, delivering advances that simplify the task of keeping up with growing storage demands. Compared with previous generations of mid-range storage, these systems provide greater scale, density and simplicity that can drive better economics and performance across your entire application portfolio.

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Simplifying Storage to Speed Innovation in the Cloud Era
By Meridian IT | 6/12/2017

Data is the new currency for organisations looking to understand more about customer behaviour to help drive their innovative business transformations. The more information they can collect and analyse – increasingly using cognitive applications – the more targeted their products and services will be.

To manage this tsunami of internal and external data and gain the insights they need, many enterprises are looking to optimise their storage infrastructure and are often adopting hybrid cloud storage models.

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The 2017 Storage Automation Report
By NetApp | 29/9/2017

This report provides insight into how 250 global IT professionals are currently using storage automation, the challenges they face, and their aspirations in next generation data center technology.

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InfiniBox from XIV Customer's Perspective
By Infinidat | 26/7/2017

InfiniBox is a multi-protocol enterprise storage system that delivers up to 5PB Effective Capacity of storage in a single rack, with 99.99999% (7 nines) reliability, and a compelling TCO.

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Optimizing Database Storage Performance for Dummies
By NetApp | 2/9/2016

Improving database performance is top of mind for many IT professionals. Their production databases in many ways are the lifeblood of the organization, supporting the transactions, applications, operations, business intelligence, and analytics that make the business work.

This book examines the market trends that are driving the ever demanding business requirement for better database performance, technical factors that affect database performance tuning, different SQL Server and Oracle Database design considerations, how database storage technologies and innovations can help drive business value, and key performance optimization capabilities to look for in a storage solution.

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eGuide - Hybrid Flash vs. All-Flash Arrays: Does Performance Justify Cost?
By Nimble Storage | 10/6/2016

The choice between buying a hybrid flash and all-flash array (AFA) usually comes down to whether the all-flash system gives enough of a performance bump to justify the extra cost. This e-guide from examines this claim and provides readers with insight into which option may be the best route for their business.

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eGuide: Flash-Only Arrays Replacing Hybrids For Primary Storage
By Nimble Storage | 10/6/2016

Judging by the recent flood of flash-only storage launches, you can expect to see the primary storage hybrid array on the endangered species list rather soon. Flash only platforms are replacing HDDs – and quite frankly, it’s only a matter of time before all HDDs are gone. In this expert guide, discover and prepare for the future of storage. Not only will you learn how to shift your storage infrastructure to fit all-flash arrays, but also find a new home for HDDs in cold storage, backup, and archive.

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eBook: Overcoming the Obstacles to the All Flash Data Center
By Nimble Storage | 10/6/2016

Getting to all flash is one of the most important strategic initiatives that your organization will take in the next few years. This eBook outlines concrete steps that you can take that will move you closer to your goal of all flash in a cost-effective and non-disruptive way.

By following these recommendations, your organization can avoid the missteps that others are making, for example, ripping out existing storage before you have realized the full return on your investment or introducing storage siloes that increase complexity. Achieving the all flash data center is like climbing a mountain: it takes planning, organization and hard work— but it doesn’t have to be painful. If you’re ready to set out for the summit, keep reading.

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