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The Power of Individualised Interaction
By IBM Australia | 13/5/2016

This infographic outlines how IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence can help you:

- Gather relevant customer information from internal and external source

- Use predictive analytics to determine the right offer for the right customer at the right time, no matter if they are interacting on the web, in your store or with an app

- Provide the best way to address customer needs for each and every engagement channel

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Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce Case Study: Predictive analytics and statistical modeling increases the accuracy of financial forecasts
By IBM Australia | 3/5/2016

The Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce uses advanced predictive analysis and complex statistical modeling to steer its growing operations to success, making decisions based on fact instead of intuition. In addition to more accurate financial planning, including revenue forecasts and cash flow analysis, the business analytics solution allows managers throughout the organization to track their performance in near–real time and apply valuable insights to day–to–day decisions.

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Eight Simple Steps to Boost Campaign Results Using Predictive Modelling
By SDL | 28/11/2013

Marketers today are consumed by big data, struggling to find meaning and under pressure to use that meaningful data in smart ways to boost results. But many organizations are reluctant to try and use predictive modelling in their campaigns, due to unfamiliarity and the dependence on complex tools – yet with modern, marketing-friendly modelling tools, integrated with campaign management, it is easier than you think. This whitepaper demonstrates how predictive modelling plays a critical role in streamlining the selection process.

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