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Modernise With Unity: Top reasons to migrate
By Dell EMC | 8/2/2017

Dell EMC Unity™ is modernising the datacenter, delivering advances that simplify the task of keeping up with growing storage demands. Compared with previous generations of midrange storage, Unity's greater scale, density and simplicity can drive better economics and performance across your entire application portfolio.

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Skype for Business Migration Strategies
By StarLeaf | 12/12/2016

Skype for Business is fast becoming the most widely-used single vendor unified communications platform. However, enterprises that implement Skype for Business are finding that there is no sophisticated way for existing video conferencing equipment to seamlessly integrate with it, leaving enterprises facing a major challenge in their meeting rooms. This white paper addresses the available migration strategies for video calling and conferencing and discusses how interoperability between Skype for Business and professional videos systems can be achieved.

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Email Archive Essentials: Key Considerations When Moving to Office 365
By Insentra Technology Services | 1/4/2016

The last few years have seen significant changes in the way organisations conduct business. There has been an unstoppable momentum toward the embrace of cloud based digital platforms that aim to unlock the capacity for greater collaboration and productivity amongst staff. The pre-eminent example of a cloud-based digital platform is Microsoft’s Office 365.

With any move towards the adoption of a new platform, a bit of specialist advice to complement your planning could be the difference between a successful outcome and major headaches. In particular, this applies to migrating your existing email archive data. That’s why Insentra has prepared this paper: to inform and help guide your Office 365 data migration strategy, to identify any potential hurdles you may encounter, and suggest the best possible approach to ensure a smooth transition of your archive to Office 365.

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Preparing for your Email Archive Migration
By Insentra Technology Services | 1/4/2016

Email archive migrations are complex undertakings and there are numerous risks associated with poorly planned migrations. Insentra have prepared this paper to illustrate in greater detail the challenges that may arise in such migrations. They offer key recommendations on preparing for the task, what risks to be aware of and how best to measure the success of your migration project.

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Converged infrastructure: Reaching maturity and meeting business demands
By NEC | 27/10/2015

Gain insights on how converged infrastructure has become an integral part of IT infrastructure and find out what its benefits are and why there is an increase in demand for CI amongst enterprises.

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Reduce business risk: Migrate and Modernise your IT systems NOW
By Dell | 14/7/2015

If your business is still migrating Windows Server 2003 workloads - such as those critical, home-grown legacy applications - or has no immediate plans to move, it is now crunch time. This whitepaper will examine the state of play of the Windows Server market in Australia and New Zealand and look at some tools and processes to migrate more challenging applications, and how business can take the opportunity to modernise and transform their infrastructure.

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Secure archive: maximise primary storage ROI and data protection
By Nexan | 5/3/2015

With costly primary storage rapidly filling up (and slowing down), the need to migrate data into a more cost-effective storage tier is clear. This whitepaper looks at: how IT professionals can reconcile with today’s constrained budgets while still growing their storage availability, how to optimise storage by moving infrequently-accessed data from expensive storage to lower cost secondary storage, and how to address data loss in the storage optimisation process

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The F5 cloud migration reference architecture
By F5 Networks | 12/11/2014

Migrating services to an IaaS provider and reaping the benefits of the cloud can be painless for employees and customers alike – but you need a migration solution that doesn’t introduces complexities or poor user experience – otherwise it can be painful. •Learn the key to delivering on a hybrid architecture: the creation of a consistent and simple-to-consume environment •Understand how hybrid cloud solutions automate and orchestrate the deployment of application services across both traditional and cloud infrastructures •Decide which applications are better for public or private IaaS providers

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IAM Across Cloud and On-premise Environments: Best Practices for Maintaining Security and Control
By CA Technologies | 29/5/2014

Many organisations leverage a hybrid cloud & on-premise architecture, but one of their major challenges is ensuring users can seamlessly move around the environment while still maintaining consistent control and security policy between on-premise and cloud services.

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IT Audit Report: EMC’s IT Transformation Blueprint
By EMC Corporation | 21/5/2014

Following an almost decade-long documentation of a company transitioning to cloud computing, this whitepaper provides access to a series of IT Audits which have found the new operating model for offering IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) has reaped new levels of agility and productivity.

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