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2014 Selecting a Managed Security Services Provider: Top 10 criteria
By IBM Australia | 26/3/2015

Share this IBM Security Services white paper with your clients to help them outline a strategic approach to selecting an MSSP and establishes the 10 most important qualifications to consider in choosing a provider. The right MSSP can reduce the cost and complexity of information security while building a stronger security posture.

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Implementing an Effective Vulnerability Management Program
By Tenable Network Security | 10/3/2014

Your company's information is often not secured in a large safe which can be easily protected. Instead, information is spread across many systems, networks and devices exposing it to a higher possibility of it being compromised in some way. This paper discusses the challenges of vulnerability management - human, implementation, changes, and software and how to overcome these by implementing an effective vulnerability management program.

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Ensuring Online Business in Asia-Pacific
By Akamai Technologies | 14/2/2014

In an increasingly connected world, your company’s online presence is often the first - and sometimes the only – way that your customers and clients engage with you. In this whitepaper, we look at how companies can leverage the right technology and service to deliver a secure network infrastructure - from internal communication and record-keeping to product design and financial management.

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