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Leveraging real-time context to mitigate today's new risk
By Aruba Wireless Networks | 14/12/2015

With BYOD initiatives a norm today, organisations are struggling to secure data and mitigate new risks associated with mobility. This whitepaper offers insights on how companies can dramatically simplify their access infrastructure while improving security and lowering the provisioning burden on IT.

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Securing the rising mobile generation: Is your business running the risk?
By Aruba Wireless Networks | 14/12/2015

The rise of the mobile generation has brought about a collaborative presence in the workforce. In the culture of sharing and openness, companies need to ensure enterprise assets do not suffer as a result. Research shows 4 in 10 finance companies have lost critical data through misuse of a mobile device. Find out in this whitepaper how organisations can develop a "mobile aware" culture within the workforce to lower this risk.

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Future-proof your mobility strategy with EMM
By Dell | 5/9/2014

This whitepaper describes how to gain flexible, end-to-end management of the ever-changing mobile workforce landscape with suitable Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). • Employing best practices can set you on the right course for addressing current needs and planning for the future • Change is the only constant in the mobile workforce landscape with multiple new models per year, frequent OS updates and new vendors emerging • Employees are resistant to corporate security policies and corporate control if it impedes their productivity or personal privacy

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5 Areas Improved by TelePresence
By BT Australasia | 14/10/2013

People working together can achieve extraordinary things, yet when organisations are dispersed around the country, it can be challenging to bring people together to unlock their potential. In this whitepaper, we look at five ways in which a strong telepresence can enable people to work together in real time and accelerate decision making while saving time and improving working relationships. Click to download!

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Embracing Behaviour-Based Pricing Models
By CMOC | 14/10/2013

The telecommunications industry is one of the most challenged, fast-moving and evolving industries thanks to the worldwide embrace of mobile lifestyles that demand new services, solutions and experiences. In this survey, we investigate where and how new thinking around data, analytics and the actionable customer intelligence can further monetise mobile subscribers. Click to download!

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Handheld Wireless Security
By Check Point Software Technologies | 5/9/2013

Smartphones are rapidly becoming an indispensable communication and computing tool for the world’s expanding mobile workforce. As Smartphones and other handheld wireless communication devices become an integral part of the modern business landscape, the advances in flexibility, power, and mobile access come with a risk. Find out how to stay competitive in a changing business world and leverage technology to meet future needs.

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Deliver Enterprise Mobility with Security and Performance
By Citrix Systems Asia Pacific | 12/8/2013

Mobility and the consumerisation of IT pose key challenges for IT around scalability, security and application visibility. In this whitepaper, we look at complete, integrated and scalable solutions that deliver apps and data to any device with full security and a high-performance user experience. Learn more!

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BYOD Adoption Goes Beyond Devices And Requires Completely Rethinking The Network And Security
By Juniper Networks | 9/11/2012

The rapid adoption of Internet-enabled consumer devices has had a major impact on enterprise mobility strategies. This research shows that many BYOD programs are initially driven by access to email, and also indicates that organisations may be underestimating the implications for security and network architectures. View the full research paper.

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