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Deploying 802.11ac Wave 2 for the wireless office: What you need you know
By Extreme Networks | 9/11/2015

The explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ongoing acceleration of BYOD continue to drive the insatiable need for bandwidth. 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless is the critical component in handling this ever increasing demand for more bandwidth, however the entire network must be considered for an exceptional wireless outcome.

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Quick take: Dell’s FX architecture holds promise to power modern services
By Dell | 3/11/2015

This whitepaper reviews the underlying pressures on server architecture and highlights the need for architects to open their lenses and consider alternatives to the standard 19-inch rack server that dominates enterprise deployments today.

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Practical considerations for implementing prefabricated data centres
By APC Schneider | 29/10/2015

There are many benefits for projects involving prefabricated modular data centres from cost savings, predictability, scalability and timeframes. However what is often overlooked are the practical considerations when deploying them. This step by step guide will provide you with insights at every stage of the deployment process so expectations for the project are met.

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2015 Remote support trends
By LogMeIn | 13/10/2015

Remote support solutions today comprises more than remote control for PCs. With globalisation of companies, the workforce is now more mobile than ever which translates to an increased variety of devices being used.

This whitepaper looks at results from a 2015 survey showing trends of this market, showing more than 70% of surveyed businesses are adopting a remote support solution and nearly 50% have allocated budgets for this purpose in the next financial year.

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How to select the right remote support tool
By LogMeIn | 13/10/2015

With increased mobility in the workforce, the market for remote support solutions has increased by 35% in the last year and as demand for these solutions increases, so do the options for service providers.

This whitepaper provides key features an IT decision maker should look for when selecting a remote support solution such as core functionality, usability, customisation, security, scalability and deployment model.

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Agile security for the mobile workforce
By Dell | 19/6/2015

This whitepaper discusses the challenge of BYOD and how best-practice deployments help deliver on the business promise of mobility with integrated protection throughout the workplace.

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New technology adoption is pushing enterprise networks to the breaking point
By IBM Australia | 15/6/2015

This infographic looks at pressures on enterprise networks as demand and deployment rates for cloud, big data and analytics, mobile, social as IT security capabilities sky-rocket.

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Network virtualisation with Dell Infrastructure and VMware NSX
By Dell | 23/3/2015

Companies with limited IT staff and budget are looking for simple, integrated and validated architectures. Dell and VMware have teamed to provide a converged infrastructure solution to meet these requirements. The solution is tested, validated and supported by Dell, providing customers a single trusted partner that can streamline procurement and services. To simplify deployment, Dell and VMware deliver a validated reference architecture.

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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 on Dell PowerEdge R630 with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V
By Dell | 23/3/2015

Design and deploy a virtualised Microsoft SharePoint solution for up to 5,000 users on PowerEdge R630 with Hyper-V. This reference architecture guide provides enterprise application virtualisation design principles and best practices for high availability at every layer of the deployment: infrastructure, hypervisor and application. You'll also find information regarding hardware abstraction, resource consolidation, hardware and networking components, high-level technical specifications and deployment verification.

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The active advantage: Why networking leaders are embracing ADC clustering
By Citrix Systems Asia Pacific | 12/1/2015

This whitepaper shares information about the next generation of ADC deployment and how the importance of that breakthrough rings loud and clear among IT executives.

· Data centres finally have a more efficient high-availability deployment option for application delivery controllers

· Deploying ADCs in ‘active-active clusters', instead of ‘active-passive’ involves multiple active ADCs sharing the load simultaneously

· The latest version of one of the industry’s most respected ADCs is the first to support active-active clustering

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