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Securing the rising mobile generation: Is your business running the risk?
By Aruba Wireless Networks | 14/12/2015

The rise of the mobile generation has brought about a collaborative presence in the workforce. In the culture of sharing and openness, companies need to ensure enterprise assets do not suffer as a result. Research shows 4 in 10 finance companies have lost critical data through misuse of a mobile device. Find out in this whitepaper how organisations can develop a "mobile aware" culture within the workforce to lower this risk.

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Australian security executives quietly concerned about endpoint protection strategy
By Webroot | 29/10/2015

Endpoint security has been recognised by most companies as being a crucial component of corporate defence against security breaches. Find out why despite being confident in their existing protection strategy, most Australian companies have acknowledged there is still room for improvement.

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Secure application delivery for a mobile workforce
By Citrix | 23/9/2015

Enterprise mobility has provided people the flexibility to work remotely at any time resulting in increased business productivity. However it has also brought about IT complications such as inconstant user experience across multiple platforms and potential breach of data security.

With BYOD a common practice in organisations today, this whitepaper looks at the crucial components required for a complete mobile workspace solution that present secure access to apps, data and functions from any device.

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2015 Cost of data breach study: impact of business continuity management
By IBM Australia | 19/8/2015

This global study involving 350 companies in 16 industry sectors looks at the impact of data breaches and trends. The results from this annual research give insight and a better understanding of the factors that can minimise the financial consequences of a data breach, as well as the positive impact a business continuity management (BCM) program can have on the financial and reputational consequences of breaches.

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6 Tips for building a future-ready infrastructure
By Dell | 16/6/2015

Big data, mobility, compute-intensive apps, virtualisation, and cloud computing tax enterprise servers and swiftly changed the face of enterprise IT. This guide prepares decision-makers to choose servers that meet their current needs, while building a flexible, reliable and scalable infrastructure, survive a constantly evolving IT infrastructure environment and explains the 6 factors they must keep in mind to handle future requirements.

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The challenge of protecting critical data
By IBM Australia | 26/3/2015

The IBM Critical Protection for the Crown Jewels whitepaper helps enterprises understand how IBM can help them identify and protect their most critical business information over the full data life cycle - from acquisition to disposal.

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Building the Next-Gen Data Centre
By Dell | 18/3/2015

What’s wrong with enterprise IT today? Most IT leaders agree that it’s infrastructure that’s too expensive, inflexible and difficult to manage. This whitepaper looks at: why the top concern among IT leaders is that they “can’t implement fast enough to meet business goals”, which three common IT problems cause the inability to meet business needs on time, and how to use optimised converged infrastructure to reduce both staff and budget pressures.

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Ensuring robust data integrity
By Tintri | 9/1/2015

This white paper describes how the Tintri OS and its underlying file system provide unparalleled data integrity and intelligent performance for serving hundreds of VMs in a single appliance. It also examines Tintri's proprietary redundant array of independent disks (RAID) implementation for comprehensive data integrity.

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Raiffeisen Bank Offers Users State-of-the-Art Mobility + Security
By Good Technology | 4/11/2014

Raiffeisen Bank required a mobility solution that would both maintain the strict security requirements of the banking industry while delivering the best possible user experience for its employees. Read this case study to see how secure mobility increased efficiency, flexibility and innovation without compromising corporate data security.

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Preparing your data centre for the Internet of Things
By UXC | 25/9/2014

The Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to generate massive amounts of data. This whitepaper looks at how you need to prepare your data operations centre for the onslaught. • By 2020 IoT will connect 26 billion units which will mean data centre workloads increase • IoT promises to enable real –time data streams to speed up operations • Organisations must consider whether their data infrastructure is ‘up to the task’

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