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A 7 point Formula for Data Centre Transformation
By Lenovo | 1/9/2016

Build a data centre for growth, speed and eciency with purpose-driven Lenovo innovations in 7 key areas. Transform your data centre into a growth engine with Lenovo systems powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.

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Infographic: Advanced Security from the Inside with VMware NSX
By VMware Australia | 29/6/2016

Okay, you've secured the perimeter of your Data Centre.

But what about those threats that infiltrate, lie dormant and then attack your critical systems from within?

Now, with micro-segmentation, you can implement fine-grained policies and network controls within each of your Data Centre components. It's an incredibly flexible and scalable approach.

And thanks to VMware NSX®, you can achieve this with your existing infrastructure, applications and security products.

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Cut Costs, Reduce Complexity, and Drive Availability for the Always-On Enterprise
By Veeam | 18/5/2016

Businesses are now operating in a connected world, where customers, partners, and employees require constant access to data and applications through a wide variety of devices and online portals. Many businesses are currently executing digital transformation strategies to satisfy customer and employee demands for constant data access and availability. While they are modernizing their business processes through the use of IT, they find that they also need to modernize their datacenters to ensure the required speed and reliability to consistently deliver a great end-user experience.

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How to think like a Data Scientist
By EMC Corporation | 14/1/2016

In today’s corporate world, business decision makers need to think like a data scientist to focus on how to improve data approach for better collaboration, and have significant business performances. Find out about the six steps to help businesses recognise, brainstorm and uncover new variables to effectively predict business performances.

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How to think like a Data Scientist - Infographic
By EMC Corporation | 14/1/2016

Big Data can overwhelm organisations of any size and detract from what is more important to the business. Think like a data scientist, and understand what impacts the organisations objectives, and how this aligns with the targeted business initiatives.

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Analytics-driven backup and recovery
By HP | 3/12/2015

Change within today’s data centre is constant and critical with new approaches to deploying IT services such as virtualisation, cloud and BYOD. This has forced many companies to rethink backup and recovery strategies and infrastructure.

This whitepaper addresses the 4 core capabilities required for operational success, how analytics can improve backup and recovery and why your backup and recovery solutions should be as dynamic and agile as your IT environment.

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Skilled Group virtualised environment relies on open fabric solution
By Extreme Networks | 9/11/2015

Find out how Skilled Group were able to operate an EMC storage environment replicating across to its 2nd data centre with an RPO of minutes rather than days and automated their disaster recovery process.

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Building the next-gen data centre
By Dell | 3/11/2015

Legacy server architectures are not designed to meet the demands of a mobile, data analytics and cloud driven era. Find out in this whitepaper how you can ensure your data centre is future ready with innovative server platforms that can evolve as business needs change.

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Flexibility with converged architecture
By Dell | 3/11/2015

For years, data centre managers have had to choose between rack or blade servers. Find out in this whitepaper how you can remove this rack versus blade challenge by blending the benefits of both.

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TCO analysis of a traditional data centre vs a prefabricated data centre
By APC Schneider | 29/10/2015

The modular nature of a prefabricated data centre enables scaling catering to the right volume of workload for the date centre resulting in TCO savings of 30% when compared to a traditional data centre. Find out how these 2 different types of data centre perform against one another.

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