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Why Technology Supply Chain Resiliency Matters
By Juniper Networks | 14/7/2016

With technology supply chains rapidly evolving to all corners of the globe, doors continually open for unsavoury elements to find new ways to take advantage. Whether for personal gain, monetary gain, criminal activity, espionage, or military threat, black hats keep unearthing opportunities to exploit supply chain vulnerabilities.

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eBook: Defending Against Insider Threats in the “Snowden Era”
By CA Pacific | 3/2/2016

Insider threats and data breaches are becoming more and more common and the stakes have never been higher. This ebook details the strategies and best practices for defending against insider threats that can lead to significant data breaches.

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Securing DNS to Thwart Advanced Targeted Attacks and Reduce Data Breaches
By Infoblox | 4/8/2015

This paper looks at the basics of DNS services, how they can be compromised, how to secure them more effectively and how an organization can actually use them as an asset to improve its security posture.

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2014 Ponemon Cost of data breach study
By IBM Australia | 26/3/2015

IBM sponsored the and Ponemon Institute examined the actual costs of data breaches at 61 US companies and drew on the results of more than 500 interviews to reveal the true costs of data breaches today, from detection and escalation to customer churn.

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