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Data Centre Consolidation Restructures Your IT Costs for Continued Growth
By IBM Australia | 8/2/2013

Cost reduction. It’s in our blood. Reducing costs is always a smart strategy because a more operationally efficient data centre can provide the foundation for the future growth of the enterprise. Find out more about the challenges infrastructure managers face when relocating data centres and the tools available to help lessen the business risk of the move.

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Protecting Generation Web
By Clearswift Asia Pacific | 8/2/2012

From data privacy to personal safety issues, cyber-bullying, inappropriate content and malware, schools are facing an increasingly difficult task when it comes to allowing young people to spread their online wings without compromising their safety and personal development. The reality that most schools are catering to the needs of mixed age groups and abilities, and it’s easy to understand why a simple stop and block approach won’t work. Learning environments are, by nature, flexible. It stands to reason that the IT resources used in them should be flexible too. Read on.

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FTP Replacement: Where MFT Makes Sense and Why You Should Care
By IBM Australia | 5/12/2011

This research provides advice on when to replace FTP with managed file transfer (MFT) solutions, and which features to consider. This Gartner report includes MFT software and MFT as a service. Also highlighted is where MFT fits into the technology landscape and some of the key benefits.

Key Findings include: - Technical differences between FTP and MFT including security, administration and scalability - Implementation concerns that organisations should be aware of (when migrating) - List of vendors and how they are expanding their MFT porfolios (including IBM)

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Realising the benefits of FTP consolidation
By IBM Australia | 5/12/2011

Businesses today are experiencing a growing demand to move high volumes of data both internally and externally. Accordingly, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers are proliferating among individual departments and raising traffic levels with customers and suppliers. While vital information is flowing, security threats are also increasing dramatically, some of them malicious in the extreme, and the ad hoc nature of internal expansion means that it has become difficult not only to maintain security but to control necessary cost and quality factors. In response, competitive businesses have identified FTP consolidation as a priority to minimise security risks, reduce costs, and gain better control of their own operations. This white paper explains and explores the opportunity and benefits of FTP consolidation.

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Research Report - The Mainframe Virtualisation Advantage: How to Save Over Million Dollars Using an IBM System z as a Linux Cloud Server
By IBM Australia | 7/11/2011

In this Research Report, Clabby Analytics explains why we believe that IBM System z 196 mainframe — when configured as a Linux/cloud consolidation server — can help enterprises save BIG MONEY when running heavy I/O workloads.

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Success Story: Suncorp Partners with NetApp to Transform IT for Competitive Advantage
By NetApp | 27/7/2011

As more business processes across Suncorp are standardized and consolidated, the company plans to build on its current efficiencies and continue to deliver new capabilities to its customers —both internal and external.

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The Business Value of Large-Scale Server Consolidation
By IBM Australia | 3/3/2011

This paper examines the results of an IDC study of enterprise organizations that have deployed IBM Power Systems to achieve workload consolidation, improved uptime, and reduced operational costs. These systems are highly virtualized platforms that supported consolidation of workloads and provided near-term payback from the initial investment.

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