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Bega Cheese: Easy mobile access to accurate group-wide insight into safety, quality and financial performance
By IBM Australia | 3/5/2016

When Bega Cheese acquired Tatura Milk Industries and became an ASXlisted company, new management and statutory reporting requirements created a need to improve its group-level analytics capabilities. Bega’s senior executives launched an analytics initiative that uses IBM technologies to automatically generate detailed financial information, including a monthly interactive dashboard for its board members as well as statutory reports for the ASX. The benefits give board members and the executive anytime, anywhere mobile access to insight. Saves one day per month on board reporting. Saves six days per year on ASX reporting. Improves information quality by harnessing robust data sources.

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The Collaboration Paradox
By BT Australasia | 14/10/2013

In this whitepaper, we look at how new collaboration tools enable global executives to get more out of teams and make faster decisions. However, these teams feel restricted by outdated communication methods that lead to slower decision making and ultimately wasted time and money. Download to hear from the most enthusiastic adopters of collaboration tools and the benefits they have seen in their workplace.

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Divide & Conquer - Using Predictive Analytics to Segment, Target & Optimise Marketing
By IBM Australia | 14/11/2012

A quantitative report from the Aberdeen group found that organisations that lead their field in predictive analytics significantly outperform their rivals in business performance. This survey explores how individual sales and marketing organisations that adopt an analytical approach maximise their customer retention rate, their average value of sales and their operating profit margin.

Aberdeen Group conducts independent primary research in information technology through the aggregation of research surveys, interviews and data analysis.

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Business Analytics and Optimisation for Midsize Businesses
By IBM Australia | 14/11/2012

While data is being generated at unprecedented levels, decision makers need to know what is happening on the ground now in order to optimise the future. Analytics-driven organisations can outperform their competitors by connecting people to trusted information, allowing others to make real-time decisions with confidence. Read more to gain market insights on how to keep on top of the data flow.

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How Five Hot Trends Are Shaping the Future of Business Analytics
By Information Builders | 23/10/2012

In this paper, we will discuss how cloud-based services, predictive analytics, social media analytics, big data, and mobile computing are combining to take business intelligence beyond traditional boundaries and transform the way critical decisions are made. We will also highlight Information Builders’ solutions and share two use cases, which demonstrate how two organisations – a law enforcement agency and a retailer – might use available tools and technologies to tap into the wealth of information available.

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Buy Vs. Build - Embedding Business Analytics Into SaaS or Cloud Applications
By Information Builders | 21/8/2012

In this paper, we explore the benefits of BI and analytics and provide key reasons why organisations should buy, not build, these capabilities into Saas applications: lower total cost of ownership (TCO), quick time to value (weeks, not months), and analytics capabilities that you pilot and price to quickly gauge user experience and potential. Read now.

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