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Infographic: Backup and recovery benchmark comparison
By Symantec | 17/3/2015

This infographic looks at the results from backup and recovery system testing done by Principled Technologies to find out how the providers compare in their performances. Find out: which provider proved to have superior scalability even for the largest virtual environments, how the competitors performed in SAN transport backup and high-VM-count environment backup and how you can prepare successfully for the unavoidable failures that occur in an enterprise business.

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PBBAs tap into key data protection trends to drive strong market growth
By Symantec | 17/3/2015

The proliferation of 3rd Platform computing, characterized by mobile, social media, big data/analytics, and cloud workloads, is driving significant change in data protection requirements. This whitepaper looks at: why disk (not tape)-based data protection has become the new standard, how PBBA’s can offer advantages over the “do it yourself” integration that have been popular in the past and the 5 key trends that have led to the rapid market growth of PBBAs.

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NetIQ Disaster Recovery High Performance or Affordable? Pick Two.
By NetIQ | 19/2/2015

Managing your data center means more than just keeping your server workloads running; it also means protecting these workloads. After all, servers are costly: You incur physical costs, such as capital, power and cooling costs, as well as software licensing and support costs. If your servers are worth all this expense, they’re worth protecting from unexpected downtime.

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Multicolor Steel Protects its Business with PlateSpin Forge
By NetIQ | 19/2/2015

Multicolor, Steel designs, manufactures and installs, pre-fabricated buildings, and metal roofing and wall systems. The company serves a large number of clients in the private and public sectors and reports annual revenue of more than US$34 million.

As Multicolor Steel expanded its operations, the company wanted to guarantee that it could rapidly and fully recover critical business information in the event of a system failure.

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What are your potential backup and recovery savings?
By Symantec | 31/10/2014

Backup and recovery today can be very cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive to support and deploy, due to the assortment of backup systems and data protection products in the IT environment. Discover how Symantec NetBackup Appliance can help you achieve greater cost-savings through this NetBackup Appliance Savings Calculator, so that you can better allocate your resources and concentrate on transforming your business.

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Assessing the business value of EMC backup and recovery
By EMC Corporation | 8/9/2014

In this White Paper, IDC offers up some quantifiable benefits that Asian enterprises have observed as a result of deploying backup and recovery solutions.

· Many enterprises are finding that the backup and recovery processes and technologies that they have implemented have not kept pace with the demands of the business

· IDC identifies how organizations can experience savings and improvements from the deployment of different types of technologies

· The benefits fall into three categories: storage environment cost savings; end-user productivity enhancements; and IT staff productivity optimization

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Top 5 reasons why EMC for archiving
By EMC Corporation | 8/9/2014

Top 5 reasons why EMC for archiving This whitepaper provides the top five reasons why organisations looking for the best-of-breed archive software and protection storage for a true end-to-end archive solution. · Archiving inactive data from tier-1 storage is a key way to save big

· Eliminate siloes for administration savings, while maximising overall storage efficiency, typically reducing archive and backup capacity required by 10-30x.

· Archiving solution that allows you to add virtual and physical servers to meet new demands

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Why EMC backup for VNX
By EMC Corporation | 8/9/2014

If you're like most businesses, data loss is not an option. That's why you need a protection strategy for your VNX that includes backup. This whitepaper details the best options out there for enhanced data protection.

For backup to be protection of the last resort, it must reside on reliable and cost- effective protection storage.

With the industry's most efficient deduplication, you can store months of backups on disk and quickly recover the data you need when you need it.

Built-in data integrity protection includes end-to-end data verification, fault-detection and self-healing, and ensures recovery every time.

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Protection storage architecture: The What, why and how
By EMC Corporation | 8/9/2014

This whitepaper details how Protection Storage Architecture can provide a data protection platform that can evolve with business and technical requirements.

Over the next few years, IT will be faced with a new set of data protection challenges, centered on delivering multiple data protection services

Transformational architecture not only enables backup teams to solve immediate tactical challenges but also helps IT teams keep business applications running

Protection Storage Architecture has three core components: protection storage, data source integration and data management services

(Tags: data protection, storage architecture, integration, data management, recovery, backup)

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The ROI of consolidating backup and archive data
By EMC Corporation | 8/9/2014

This whitepaper focuses on IDC research into twelve different organisations the benefits of relying on a consolidated approach to protecting backup and archive data.

These interviews provided valuable insight into the realized benefits of an integrated
data protection strategy

IDC analyzed 
the data from three interviews and
 compared the results with data and
 insights from nine other interviews 
conducted previously

Customer benefits realized include strong ROI and annual savings, IT staff productivity optimization, and end-user productivity improvement

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