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Case Study: Microsoft Corporate Headquarters Runs Lync Over Aruba Wi-Fi
By Aruba Wireless Networks | 30/1/2013

As one of the world’s leading unified communications solution vendors, Microsoft has high expectations for the performance and robustness of the IT infrastructure on which its Microsoft Lync application runs. So when it came time to roll out Lync voice and video services over Wi-Fi at Microsoft’s own headquarters in Redmond, Washington, the bar was set high. Very high. Learn more.

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The New Normal: Mobile Device and App Behaviour Over Wi-Fi and Best Practices for Wireless Networks
By Aruba Wireless Networks | 17/1/2013

Use of more mobile devices and hence more mobile applications at work create an ever-changing number of challenges for wireless network administrators and engineers. With smartphones, tablets and latest generation of laptops entering the workplace, a wide variety of smartphones and tablets access the network, almost always using Wi-Fi as the preferred – and sometimes the only – way to connect. Find out more about the New Normal of Wi-Fi Networking.

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Vendor Landscape: Wireless LAN
By Aruba Wireless Networks | 14/1/2013

The Wireless LAN (WLAN) market will become your primary network access layer – this is inevitable in most enterprises. Use Info-Tech’s research to help you choose the solution best suited to your needs. Download now.

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Everybody Loves Wi-Fi
By Aruba Wireless Networks | 14/1/2013

Rapid and escalating growth in demand for wireless connectivity is fast becoming a major issue in large enterprises, putting ever more pressure on Wi-Fi infrastructures already creaking under the strain. Pressure that, in turn, has implications when it comes to business agility, productivity and, ultimately, profitability. Read more.

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Protecting Users from Firesheep and other Sidejacking Attacks with SSL
By Symantec | 17/2/2012

The recent release of the Firesheep Wi-Fi attack tool has increased awareness among both users and attackers of the inherent insecurity of unprotected HTTP connections. Users on unprotected networks who connect to web sites through plain HTTP connections expose their connections to those sites to open surveillance and full compromise. Read on.

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Service Level Assurance - Wireless Fidelity Achieved
By Aerohive Networks | 16/6/2011

Before Wi-Fi protocol analyzers, administrators and consultants alike were only able to troubleshoot by continually reviewing the network design of and device operation within the network infrastructure. With the introduction of Wi-Fi protocol analyzers, these professionals had the equivalent of RF goggles. They could now see what was happening and could reactively troubleshoot problems. Read on.

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