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How to Justify Replacing Desktop PCs with True Workstations
By Lenovo | 1/9/2016

One of the most surprising facts about CAD and other design activities is how many relatively well-paid design professionals are actually using business desktop PCs for their CAD applications.

The generic desktop PC may work for running basic 2D CAD applications; the reality is that using desktop PCs for CAD results in poor productivity. Even worse, this situation results in prolonged design timelines, some functionality not available, and lower overall quality. With more cost-effective new workstations available, such as the Lenovo® ThinkStation® P310, it’s time to reconsider the desktop PC approach.

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Top Reasons to Modernize Your Business with the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor Family
By Intel | 14/6/2016

Transform your workplace with cutting-edge security, amazing performance, and unwired productivity.

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