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Big Data analytics for product performance intelligence helps manufacturers save millions
By Cloudera | 27/1/2016

Supply chain quality has been the holy grail of manufacturing as issues in this area would impact the customer's experience and create negative repercussions for a company's bottom line. Find out how the enterprise data hub helped an organisation save $15-25 million based on its ability to identify and address supply chain issues in near real time.

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HPC and manufacturing: made for each other
By Dell | 18/3/2015

The pace of high performance computing deployment (HPC) among Tier One manufacturers continues to accelerate – making it hard for small to medium manufacturers (SMMs) to keep up. But, there is an opportunity for SMMs to adopt HPC that’s created specifically for them. SMMs can improve their impact with high performance computing, especially modelling, simulation and analysis, more flexible HPC options are now available to SMMs that break down the usual barriers to adoption, advanced technology can be implemented in all parts of the business – from workstations to powerful clusters.

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Case Study: Cutting costs and saving time through supply chain and third-party logistics management
By Epicor | 9/4/2014

Read how Perth-based safety footwear manufacturer, Steel Blue, was able to cut costs with shipping and improve efficiency while meeting the growing demand for their products as they expanded their national and export markets and increased their local market share, all thanks to a new ERP system.

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Case Study: Increased visibility over the manufacturing production cycle
By Epicor | 9/4/2014

Read how ETEL Limited, a pioneering design and manufacture business in New Zealand, managed to perfect their expansion into new markets by utilising an ERP system to support growth and provide “one source for truth” accessible to the entire organisation.

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Quickly Delivering Products to Market
By Idvio | 19/2/2014

Manufacturing is held back when designer, development, production and logistics teams are dispersed across continents, and face-to-face meetings are crucial to keep projects on path. This whitepaper details how video calling and conferencing is technology’s answer to better team communications, as well as lowering costs and increasing time to market.

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Manufacturing Overview
By Epicor | 17/12/2013

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution provides the ability to access the right information, from the right source, at the right time, empowering all users throughout the supply chain. This report explains how your solution can identify the resources needed to capture, produce, ship, and account for customer orders, while supporting the various manufacturing processes.

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