Identity And Access Management (IAM) Whitepapers

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Delivering Continuous Compliance and Reducing Risk
By IBM Australia | 30/7/2013

As organisations strive to securely deliver high-quality, high-availability services to their user communities, they need to grapple with the cost control and ever-changing user populations, access points, and applications. But that is only part of a larger challenge related to identity and access management (IAM). As the importance of services being delivered solely to the right people, with the right privileges, this is becoming more difficult to achieve. Click to download!

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Identity and Access Intelligence: Transforming the Nature of Enterprise Security
By IBM Australia | 26/7/2013

Identity and access intelligence is not only reshaping the nature of defence against a wide range of threats. It is equipping businesses with the insight they need to understand the changes transforming IT and embrace them in a secure manner. In this paper, we describe the nature of identity and access intelligence and the factors that are driving this important aspect of security evolution. Download now.

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BYOD Adoption Goes Beyond Devices And Requires Completely Rethinking The Network And Security
By Juniper Networks | 9/11/2012

The rapid adoption of Internet-enabled consumer devices has had a major impact on enterprise mobility strategies. This research shows that many BYOD programs are initially driven by access to email, and also indicates that organisations may be underestimating the implications for security and network architectures. View the full research paper.

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