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The Role of Integration in Application Modernisation
By Dell | 17/5/2017

Cloud integration bridges the gap between legacy and modern IT infrastructures to speed projects and bring greater agility to your business operations.

Cloud-based integration provides a far more agile, flexible and streamlined approach to data and application management. It quickly and cost-effectively bridges the gap between legacy systems and today’s cloud, mobile, IoT, and big data systems, helping pave the way to digital transformation.

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Reinventing the Wheel: Transforming Traditional IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
By NIIT | 5/4/2017

Traditional Infrastructure Outsourcing (IO) is on its decline with increasing levels of dissatisfaction among clients due to its complex structure and rigid Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Many companies, who signed long-term contracts with traditional infrastructure management vendors have expressed dissatisfaction on the vendor competency and ability to adapt to dynamic needs. This is driving the decline of traditional IO model and is encouraging businesses to invest in next-generation business partners who bring flexibility and agility to the table—in tune with evolving business dynamics.

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Fuel IT Infrastructure in a Flash
By Dell EMC | 8/2/2017

Flash is the new normal. Affordable, Agile, Efficient and Fast. Supercharge your journey to the modern data center with flash.

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Hyper Converged Infrastructure for the Hybrid Cloud Revolution
By Lenovo | 11/4/2016

In today’s 24/7 online environment IT continues to evolve, driven by cloud computing, big data, and mobility, offering endless opportunities for those that are responsive enough to provide quality service to customers in a timely manner. To maintain competitive advantage, organisations need to continually exploit gains from next generation IT infrastructure. To achieve this, IT Departments need to continually fine-tune platform strategy to achieve the best combination of on-premises and hosted capabilities.

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5 Steps to Adopting Agile IT Infrastructure Monitoring Necessary for a Customer-Driven World
By CA Technologies | 5/4/2016

If you've seen recent car ads, you know they’re as likely to promote applications and connections as they are styling and horsepower. But manufacturers aren't the only ones pushing apps these days. Banks, airlines, restaurants—you name it—all are using them to attract and engage customers. This is the application economy; where every company is in the software business and user experience is the new survival of the fittest.

Read this E Book to discover 5 Steps to Adopting Agile IT Infrastructure Monitoring Necessary for a Customer-Driven World.

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Breakthrough efficiency gains through systems management innovation
By Dell | 17/6/2015

As organisations grow and IT infrastructure expands to meet business demands, IT decision makers continually look for ways to streamline operations and improve business response. This whitepaper looks at how IT administrators can perform productive management and maintenance, enhance IT simplicity, efficiency and availability, and which tools can assist with these goals.

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Empowering faculty and staff with desktop technology refresh
By Dell | 5/9/2014

Read how the University of Maryland University College boosted faculty and staff productivity by refreshing outdated computers and migrating to a standardized Windows 7 environment. • UMUC has the largest enrolment of any public university in the US and was one of the first universities in the US to offer online degree programs • The university operates a large distributed IT infrastructure with thousands of desktops • After upgrading its desktop environment, the number of help desk requests has fallen, and the volume of calls related to hardware failures has dropped significantly

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Network Virtualization: Six Best Practices for Overcoming Common Challenges
By Juniper Networks | 18/6/2014

Many organizations that have realized the benefits of server virtualization are ready to move to network virtualization. By combining hardware and software resources and functionality into a single, software-based administrative entity, these organizations can reap the benefits of greater data center agility.

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Infographic: The State of the Virtualized Data Center
By Juniper Networks | 18/6/2014

This insightful infographic sums up the key results from a survey of more than 200 IT decision makers across numerous industries when asked about their progress with virtualization across their infrastructure. - Efficiencies in the data centre and network continue as organisations are trying to reduce costs, simplify and improve services - There’s been an increase in the number of organisations capitalising on new IT infrastructure - Business continuity/disaster recovery is the most popular reasons behind investment into virtualization

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Modernize Your Business with Oracle ERP Cloud
By Oracle | 16/4/2014

If your business has plans that include aggressive growth and aspires to be a best-in-class organization, your IT systems and applications need to be up to the task. Homegrown solutions or outdated software can hamper the execution of your strategic vision. If your IT infrastructure and maintenance costs are affecting your ability to stay competitive, then a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite is well worth exploring. This eBook explores the core components of a cloud-based ERP solution that delivers enterprise-class software without sacrificing functionality or changes to business processes and with no additional cost for infrastructure and complicated integrations.

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