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Data Centre Modernisation for Dummies
By VMware Australia | 12/3/2018

Learn to adopt a software-defined approach for cloud provider agility; accelerate development of traditional and cloud-native applications; and get on the path to an agile data centre that extends to public cloud.

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DIGITAL HEALTHCARE IN A DATA DRIVEN WORLD | How Next-Generation Data Centres are transforming healthcare
By AC3 | 7/3/2018

What do pathology labs, hospitals, medical centres, specialist rooms and diagnostic imaging centres have in common? Data. Lots of it Hear how a major healthcare provider changed its data strategy to improve performance, ensure compliance with statutory obligations, and optimise business processes around data handling

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Data Center High Speed Migration: Infrastructure Issues, Trends, Drivers and Recommendations
By CommScope | 26/2/2018

Annual data centre traffic and bandwidth requirements are continuing to grow to meet organisations’ network capacity demands. As a result, shipments of 25 and 100 Gbps ports have increased exponentially, causing an evolution of migration strategies as businesses switch lane capacitors. This white paper looks at common infrastructure issues, trends, drivers and recommendations to make your data centre migration as smooth as possible.

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Modernise With Unity: Top reasons to migrate
By Dell EMC | 8/2/2017

Dell EMC Unity™ is modernising the datacenter, delivering advances that simplify the task of keeping up with growing storage demands. Compared with previous generations of midrange storage, Unity's greater scale, density and simplicity can drive better economics and performance across your entire application portfolio.

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eBook: Overcoming the Obstacles to the All Flash Data Center
By Nimble Storage | 10/6/2016

Getting to all flash is one of the most important strategic initiatives that your organization will take in the next few years. This eBook outlines concrete steps that you can take that will move you closer to your goal of all flash in a cost-effective and non-disruptive way.

By following these recommendations, your organization can avoid the missteps that others are making, for example, ripping out existing storage before you have realized the full return on your investment or introducing storage siloes that increase complexity. Achieving the all flash data center is like climbing a mountain: it takes planning, organization and hard work— but it doesn’t have to be painful. If you’re ready to set out for the summit, keep reading.

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Availability for the Always-on Enterprise: Business and IT Perspectives
By Veeam | 18/5/2016

Businesses today often face the same challenges such as exponential data growth, a constant stream of new technologies and flat budgets. These challenges can hold your business back. For those that adopt innovative solutions or fresh approaches, however, these challenges become great opportunities to beat the competition by serving internal and external customers more effectively and efficiently.

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2016 Veeam Availability Report: How to close a widening Availability Gap
By Veeam | 18/5/2016

While business transformation is driven by a new breed of user — one that desires a seamless, connected experience — the ability for modern enterprises to deliver non-stop services and continually innovate has never been more urgent. However, are today’s businesses delivering what users need?

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Why Businesses Are Adopting Network Virtualization
By VMware Australia | 6/5/2016

Need to beef up security for your data centre? Eager to accelerate your IT processes? Aiming to keep your applications up and running?

Now you can choose to virtualize part of your network to pin down any one of these objectives - or virtualize across your entire network to accomplish them all. What's more, it only takes one such objective to be worth your while.

Plus you can build this agility on industry standard Intel® Xeon® processor based server architecture.

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Micro-segmentation for Dummies eBook
By VMware Australia | 2/2/2016

This eBook provides a broad overview of micro-segmentation in the data centre. After reading this , you’ll have a good basic understanding of micro-segmentation — like you’d get from a college-level 101 class, but far more interesting than Microbiology 101 or Microeconomics 101 (and not as difficult either)!

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Flash arrays accelerate innovation
By EMC/Thomas Duryea | 11/9/2015

This IDC infographic looks at how flash is designed to meet the new levels of intelligence needed to help organisations develop applications that accelerate business innovation and how the increase in flash storage adoption will change the landscape by 2018.

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