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Using security metrics to drive action in ASIA Pacific
By Tenable Network Security | 8/5/2017

22 Experts Share How to Communicate Security Program Effectiveness to Upper Management.

Today’s cybersecurity challenges are more complex than ever before. Technologies like Development Containers, Cloud, BYOD, and BYOA have greatly complicated the security team’s ability to understand all of the potential IT attack surface.

We hope you find this e-book useful in helping you develop and communicate security metrics in your own organization.

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The Future State of the CIO - A Case of ‘Career Is Over’ or ‘Career Is Opportunity’?
By AppDynamics | 6/4/2017

Can the rise in importance of technology and data to enterprises mean that the ‘CIO to CEO’ route will finally open for more business technologists? What are the new skill sets that are necessary? And which elements of the old role can be safely jettisoned? In this short White Paper we aim to provide a provocative and, we hope, illuminating view of the opportunity for the CIO of the future.

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Accelerate Your Glide Path to AWS Cloud Migration
By Rackspace | 28/2/2017

Learn how to take your cloud strategy to the next level with AWS. Discover essential planning tips, achieve performance and reliability improvements, make sustained cost savings, lighten your IT workload and improve your application security.

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Moving IT to the Cloud: How to design and deliver on-demand IT
By Thomas Dureya Logicalis | 8/12/2016

Discover the fastest and easiest way for IT to enable business productivity using cloud-based management and delivery of complete workspaces.

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Data Storage Experts Tap Global Markets With EMC CloudBoost
By Dell | 26/10/2016

When it comes to delivering and managing technology solutions, success does not depend on organisational heft. It more likely comes from talented staff and technological efficiency. Sempre Technologies Ltd. is a case in point. This 12-person firm in Auckland, New Zealand is taking on global markets with innovative solutions for data storage, protection, and security. One of their key advantages is the cloud.

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Top 3 Use Cases for a Cloud Management Platform
By VMware Australia | 26/10/2016

Today’s IT organisations have a lot to manage — a mix of private and public clouds, a host of diverse applications, and a growing user base. It’s both exciting and challenging. Teams that stay on top of the shifting landscape can be a tremendous asset to the business, and provide a competitive advantage in the market. Those that don’t risk falling behind. So what’s the secret to becoming more agile, yet remaining in control?

Having the right tools can make all the difference. Hear from AutoTrader, Tribune Media, and Choice Hotels on how they resolved their challenges of centralising and optimising operations, delivering infrastructure better to their development teams, and ultimately doing more with less.

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Sharpening the Small Business Competitive Edge: Is the Time Right for the Cloud?
By SAP Australia | 13/7/2016

Download this paper to find out:

- What do we mean by Cloud?

- Cloud and Mobility are driving IT spending growth in small and midsize businesses

- Cloud engagements work for big firms, but where are they working for small ones?

- Attitudes towards Cloud are changing, and adoption is growing despite some security worries

- Cost savings and flexibility continue to encourage Cloud use

- Essential Guidance

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AZURE OR AWS: Five Real World Scenarios to Consider
By Data#3 | 17/6/2016

This Data#3 Cloud discussion paper explores five specific use cases as a way to illustrate the strengths of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as alternative Cloud platforms for business, and examines their relative capabilities for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Each practical scenario provides insights, tips and questions to ask to facilitate comparison in the context of your organisation.

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Hyper Converged Infrastructure for the Hybrid Cloud Revolution
By Lenovo | 11/4/2016

In today’s 24/7 online environment IT continues to evolve, driven by cloud computing, big data, and mobility, offering endless opportunities for those that are responsive enough to provide quality service to customers in a timely manner. To maintain competitive advantage, organisations need to continually exploit gains from next generation IT infrastructure. To achieve this, IT Departments need to continually fine-tune platform strategy to achieve the best combination of on-premises and hosted capabilities.

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Email Archive Essentials: Key Considerations When Moving to Office 365
By Insentra Technology Services | 1/4/2016

The last few years have seen significant changes in the way organisations conduct business. There has been an unstoppable momentum toward the embrace of cloud based digital platforms that aim to unlock the capacity for greater collaboration and productivity amongst staff. The pre-eminent example of a cloud-based digital platform is Microsoft’s Office 365.

With any move towards the adoption of a new platform, a bit of specialist advice to complement your planning could be the difference between a successful outcome and major headaches. In particular, this applies to migrating your existing email archive data. That’s why Insentra has prepared this paper: to inform and help guide your Office 365 data migration strategy, to identify any potential hurdles you may encounter, and suggest the best possible approach to ensure a smooth transition of your archive to Office 365.

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