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CIO Executive Council Cyber Security Handbook
By CIO Executive Council | 2/12/2014

This handbook has been put together to clearly explain the evolving role of cyber security to anyone in an organisation. You’ll find practical insights and questions you should be asking plus advice on how to transform redundant cyber security approaches into effective ongoing security solutions.

•Learn the 11 questions leaders should use to start a conversation with the CIO’s in their organisation

•Find out the 10 assumptions commonly that are a danger to implementing adequate security

•Plus, get the Cyber Security Checklist which outlines the questions you should be able to answer about your organisation

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Pathways Express | Specialised one-day CIO designed and delivered program
By CIO Executive Council | 21/8/2014

Pathways Express is a one-day intensive learning and development program for senior ICT executives. It is designed to equip participants with the skills and competencies required to more effectively manage the demands and complexities of contemporary businesses.

The program brings together ‘real world’ best practices, thought leadership and business insights to help today’s ICT professionals deliver higher value into their organisations and position themselves as tomorrow’s business leaders.

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