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Forrester: The API Management Solutions Market Heats Up
By IBM Australia | 13/5/2016

APIs have strategic value for business, and API management solutions are a crucial part of any organisation’s API approach. The market is moving quickly; six important new vendors have entered the space in the last year: Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Software AG, Torry Harris Business Solutions, and WaveMaker. Established vendors are advancing their solutions, although at very different rates.

To help application development and delivery (AD&D) pros set their future direction for API management, this report describes this landscape, each vendor’s main strengths and weaknesses, and their future plans.

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API Management is the SOA Renaissance
By IBM Australia | 13/5/2016

This whitepaper looks at the business advantage of bringing SOA and API management together, this approach provides a deep and robust integration all the way from the Internet of Things to enterprise back- end systems.

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Four ways APIs are changing your business
By CA Pacific | 2/12/2015

APIs are probably the most critical component in digital business design and has the power to unlock new revenue channels. This whitepaper looks at a framework that can help eBusiness executives cut through the confusion, identify how APIs can add value to business, and collaborate with their IT management colleagues in building an API strategy that will power their digital business transformation.

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API strategy and architecture: A coordinated approach
By CA Pacific | 1/12/2015

With the rise of the API opening new revenue opportunities and maximising customer value, find out the best practices for designing results-focused APIs and the different API styles to adopt to meet business goals.

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How to win in the new API economy
By Tibco | 12/9/2014

This whitepaper will explain how to grow your business by sharing enterprise data and services via application programming interfaces (APIs).

• Open APIs, once used only by leading technology companies such as Amazon and Facebook, have become much more prevalent • Open APIs are projected to reach 30,000 by 2016, compared to less than 600 in 2007 • A well thought-out open API strategy can drive innovation and help you compete in today’s business environment.

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