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5 Steps to Advanced Malware Protection
By Cisco Security | 19/2/2013

Security professionals now face much more sophisticated adversaries and tactics. This new class of attackers is no longer interested in quick smash and grab operations, rather they prefer taking a slow and methodical approach to penetrate devices within an organisation’s network. Once on the inside, the attackers focus on maintaining a persistent foothold and exfiltrating critical customer data and intellectual property. Read more about the today’s security reality.

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The Five Key Benefits of Application Control and How to Achieve Them
By Cisco Security | 13/12/2012

More than 50% of the 4,640 respondents in 12 countries report an increase in malware due to social media use in the workplace, yet only 29% report having the necessary security controls in place to mitigate it. This paper discusses the five key advantages of implementing application control - learn more.

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