• Itanium 2 system on the way from IBM

    IBM used the LinuxWorld conference here this week to flex its 64-bit computing muscle, showing off a system running on Intel's Itanium 2 processor and a version of its DB2 database for Advanced Micro Devices's (AMD) Opteron processor.

    15 Aug. 02 10:40 Written by Ashlee Vance
  • AOL raises red flags over three past deals

    AOL Time Warner (AOLTW) disclosed Wednesday that it is investigating three transactions in which it may have improperly accounted for revenue totalling about US$49 million.

    15 Aug. 02 10:21 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Metro Ethernet Forum notes "significant" progress

    The Metro Ethernet Forum Wednesday said it has made "significant progress" in defining specifications for employing Ethernet as a transport infrastructure and service offering in metropolitan area networks.

    15 Aug. 02 09:35 Written by Jim Duffy
  • HP executive leaves for network startup

    Dave Zabrowski, formerly a top executive in Hewlett-Packard Co.'s PC operations, has left the company to head S2io Technologies, a startup specializing in 10G bps (bit-per-second) Ethernet products for enterprise networks.

    15 Aug. 02 08:45 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Big gun or niche vendor?

    So you're thinking of using Linux in your company's IT department, but you don't know where to turn.

    15 Aug. 02 08:03 Written by Todd R. Weiss
  • IBM adds roaming to Everyplace Wireless Gateway

    IBM Corp. plans to announce Thursday that it has added roaming capabilities to its Everyplace Wireless Gateway product, allowing users to roam seamlessly and securely between many types of wireless and wired networks.

    15 Aug. 02 08:01 Written by Joris Evers
  • Joy pans and praises Linux

    Linux has a socialist bent and lacks a strong support strategy, but it allows developers freedom, Sun Microsystems Inc. co-founder and chief scientist Bill Joy said Tuesday during a software strategy session held several doors away from the LinuxWorld Expo conference here.

    15 Aug. 02 08:00 Written by Paul Krill
  • BEA, Borland join on dev tool for Java Web platform

    BEA Systems Inc. and Borland Corp. on Wednesday announced Borland JBuilder, WebLogic Edition, which will pair Borland's Java development tool with BEA's WebLogic Web applications platform.

    15 Aug. 02 08:00 Written by Paul Krill
  • Yahoo expands enterprise portal content

    Yahoo on Wednesday introduced Version 5.0 of its My Yahoo Enterprise Edition portal content services featuring new business content packages and the ability to link Yahoo APIs with back-end applications.

    15 Aug. 02 08:00 Written by Cathleen Moore
  • Microsoft keeping a low profile

    There were no pies flying through the air, no mass protests at the Microsoft Corp. booth at LinuxWorld this week. The crowd around the company's booth consisted mostly of curious onlookers and many IT professionals who support both Windows and Linux systems.

    15 Aug. 02 08:00 Written by Phil Hochmuth
  • Transmeta offers developer's kit for Crusoe chip

    New computer designs featuring Transmeta Corp.'s Crusoe processor will be easier to create with the company's new system development kit for its flagship TM5800 processor, the company said Wednesday.

    15 Aug. 02 08:00 Written by Tom Krazit
  • Linux vendors comply with base standard

    Three leading Linux vendors Wednesday announced that they are backing a set of standards known as the Linux Standard Base (LSB), aimed at allowing developers to write applications that will run on any Linux operating system adhering to the LSB.

    15 Aug. 02 07:59 Written by Matt Berger
  • Study: IT decision-makers don't walk the walk on ROI

    In these tough economic times, it seems like most IT leaders are talking tough when it comes to cost-justifying their IT investments. However, a new study suggests that it might be just lip service.

    15 Aug. 02 07:57 Written by Thomas Hoffman
  • Vivendi reports loss, plans to sell business units

    Vivendi Universal SA reported a loss for the first half of 2002 on Wednesday, and announced plans to sell off parts of the business to reduce debt levels by about €10 billion (US$9.8 billion).

    15 Aug. 02 07:46 Written by Gillian Law
  • Agere pulls out of opto, cuts 4,000 jobs

    Communications equipment maker Agere Systems Inc. announced Wednesday its intention to get out of the optoelectronics business, and focus on making chips for communications networking products. The moves will result in plant closings and 4,000 job losses by the end of 2003, the company said in a statement.

    15 Aug. 02 07:46 Written by Tom Krazit
  • US Attorney looking into Lucent deal from 2000

    The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey is investigating a two-year old software licensing deal between Lucent Technologies Inc. and Winstar Communications Inc.

    15 Aug. 02 07:46 Written by Sam Costello
  • Energy giant offers MPLS VPNs

    US-based oil and gas giant -- and service provider -- Schlumberger Ltd. has tapped Cisco Systems Inc. to supply the infrastructure for its new MPLS-based IP VPN service.

    15 Aug. 02 07:45 Written by Jim Duffy
  • Google praises Linux scalability

    If Internet search services vendor Google Inc. is any indication, Linux is ready for primetime.

    15 Aug. 02 07:45 Written by Paul Krill
  • Next-generation WiFi: Enterprise Prince or Bandwidth Frog?

    In this research paper we look at the current state of wireless networking in the enterprise from satisfaction and investment levels to common pain points when it comes to keeping the WiFi lights on. We also look at how clued up and prepared the average enterprise is to handle the introduction of WiGig (802.11ad) and other new high bandwidth technologies likely to add whole new set of challenges as well as potential benefits to the network mix.


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