• ReefEdge introduces WLAN switch

    The WLAN (wireless local area network) switch market just got a bit more crowded. This time the new entrant isn't a startup but a convert from the gateway market, a segment sometimes viewed as a competitor to the WLAN switch market.

    02 Dec. 03 07:41 Written by Nancy Gohring
  • Sun needs to shed light on strategy

    As Sun Microsystems prepares to kickoff its first major European conference in Berlin this week, analysts signalled that if the company wants local users to bask in its particular brand of computing, Sun needs to shed light on how its new low-cost turnaround strategy fits in with an increasingly varied product line.

    02 Dec. 03 07:31 Written by Scarlet Pruitt
  • India hits back on outsourcing job fears

    The Indian government went on the offensive last week on the contentious issue of the loss of US and European jobs to India due to outsourcing.

    02 Dec. 03 07:30 Written by John Ribeiro
  • Steady growth expected for IP VPN market

    Virtual Private Network (VPN) adoption is expected to remain solid for at least the next five years, according to the research company, IDC.

    02 Dec. 03 07:30 Written by Brett Winterford
  • IBM plans industry-focused software reorganization

    IBM is reorganizing its US$13.1 billion software business, focusing its sales and development efforts around a dozen vertical industries in a shift the company calls the most significant strategic change for its software group since IBM's 1999 decision to exit the applications market.

    02 Dec. 03 07:10 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • Report: Linux thrives in Australian organisations

    Linux continues to gain popularity amongst organisations in Australia and New Zealand where the number using Linux servers has doubled since 1999, according to an IDC study of end users.

    02 Dec. 03 07:03 Written by Nadia Cameron
  • Foxtel installers barricade Telstra HQ

    Nearly 100 Telstra subcontractors, who install Foxtel and broadband services, barricaded the telco's head office in Melbourne today in a protest against new contracts that include a 20 per cent drop in earnings.

    01 Dec. 03 15:27 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Tech execs' top concerns

    Technology executives' top concern in 2003 was reduced spending on IT, according to the results of a survey from The St. Paul Group. The leading high-tech insurer asked about 250 policyholders about their greatest business issues and concerns.

    01 Dec. 03 12:43 Written by Amy Schurr
  • Telco billing gets a drilling

    In an effort to spare CFOs and enterprise telco managers the pain of fluorescent markers or forcing comma-delineated ASCII into spreadsheets, AAPT has launched a self-service, online billing reports system for enterprise customers.

    01 Dec. 03 12:02 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Yarra Valley Water solves procure-to-pay mess

    Yarra Valley Water has streamlined its purchasing processes by deploying an integrated e-procurement system to control all financial transactions in involved in the process over the Web.

    01 Dec. 03 09:59 Written by Helen Han
  • Users shape up for insource, outsource battle

    When it comes to in-house IS units competing with outsourcing service providers, the CIO of mid-sized law firm Spark Helmore Peter Beck is willing to go toe-to-toe with any vendor.

    01 Dec. 03 09:58 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • A better VPN on the way?

    There might soon be a new standard that makes IP Security VPNs more secure and easier to configure.

    01 Dec. 03 09:38 Written by Tim Greene
  • Olympic net gets gold security protection

    Imagine spending three years and millions of dollars to plan a campus-style LAN for 10,500 PCs and 900 servers, knowing it would only be in place for three weeks, with thousands of TV and magazine reporters watching to see if it works?

    01 Dec. 03 08:55 Written by Ellen Messmer
  • Users proceed cautiously on Web services track

    IBM, Microsoft. and other vendors that have been pounding the Web services drum for more than two years claim that more and more of their customers are building Web services. And to a degree, they're right.

    01 Dec. 03 08:46 Written by Carol Sliwa
  • Corporate users follow Mono project

    Plenty of corporate developers watched with great interest when Novell unveiled a road map for the open-source Mono project that it acquired with Ximian.

    01 Dec. 03 08:30 Written by Carol Sliwa
  • EMC taps database archiving tool

    In a bid to shore up a key piece of its information life-cycle management (ILM) strategy, EMC Monday will announce a software partnership aimed at letting IT managers reduce the size of databases by moving old data to other storage devices.

    01 Dec. 03 08:26 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Red Hat Linux to gain security stamp of approval

    Red Hat is pushing to have its commercial Enterprise Linux software certified under the Common Criteria (CC) Scheme worldwide, and has anticipated the OS solution will gain accreditation by the end of this year.

    01 Dec. 03 08:12 Written by Nadia Cameron
  • SOA or perish

    Organizations must focus their development efforts around the creation of services. This will enable them to respond to changes in business conditions quickly and effectively. For this reason, the service-oriented architecture (SOA) is vital to a company's survival.

    01 Dec. 03 07:54 Written by Melanie Liew
  • Civil society goes its own way at info summit

    Preparations for the World Summit on the Information Society still look to be in some disarray, with the Civil Society lobby at the conference drafting its own "vision document".

    01 Dec. 03 07:45 Written by Stephen Bell
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