• IT heads for talent shortfall

    The Australian IT industry needs to stop digging its own grave and take a good hard look at itself to figure out what it wants - and start lobbying, according to Sensis CIO Dr Len Carver.

    12 Feb. 04 08:15 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Developer offers Linux-based RFID

    Magellan Technologies has developed what it claims to be a world-first in RFID technology that allows many closely bunched tags to be uniquely identified without interference. The developer has taken the open source route using Linux-based readers and an open source application interface.

    12 Feb. 04 08:13 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • DoJ officials recommend blocking PeopleSoft bid

    Officials in the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) antitrust division have made a recommendation to the department to block the proposed acquisition of PeopleSof by rival Oracle, PeopleSoft said in a statement Tuesday.

    12 Feb. 04 08:00 Written by David Legard
  • French government to test open source on the desktop

    The French government will install open source software on the desktop as part of Project ADELE, a plan to computerize much of the country's administration by 2007, a government official said Wednesday.

    12 Feb. 04 07:45 Written by Peter Sayer
  • Motorola licenses Opera browser for phones

    Motorola's Personal Communications Sector (PCS) division has signed a licensing agreement with Opera Software ASA to use the Oslo company's browser on its phones.

    12 Feb. 04 07:44 Written by Gillian Law
  • Analyst: Voice over WLAN picking up steam

    During a teleconference on Tuesday hosted by research firm the Yankee Group, one analyst offered up advantages and disadvantages of voice over wireless LAN technology, noting that as prices start coming down enterprises should start to give the technology some more serious thought.

    12 Feb. 04 07:30 Written by Lindsay Bruce
  • Express Data targets $50m in business renewals

    Express Data has launched a new online service designed to help resellers secure ongoing revenue from renewable maintenance contracts by advising them of when their customers are due for a renewal.

    12 Feb. 04 07:30 Written by Helen Yeatman
  • BearingPoint starts center in India with Convansys help

    BearingPoint, Virginia-based business consulting and systems integration firm, is setting up a global development center (GDC) in Chennai, India, in partnership with Covansys, a consulting and technology services company with headquarters in Michigan, BearingPoint said Wednesday.

    12 Feb. 04 07:24 Written by John Ribeiro
  • Get wireless hotspot off the shelf

    Australian broadband solutions provider NetComm has released the HS800 Wireless HotSpot Gateway, which lets organisations create a wireless broadband network straight out of the box while avoiding the need for infrastructure and billing systems.

    11 Feb. 04 13:55 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Students encouraged to let imagination run wild with .NET

    Microsoft is calling on entrepreneurial uni students with ideas for a software program based on its .NET framework to step forward and take part in the Imagine Cup 2004 software design competition.

    11 Feb. 04 13:52 Written by Nadia Cameron
  • Sun buys server company, rehires cofounder

    Sun Microsystems Inc. has agreed to acquire Kealia Inc., a privately held server design company based in California, and in the process is rehiring one of Sun's cofounders to help design the company's high-volume servers, Sun announced Tuesday.

    11 Feb. 04 13:13 Written by James Niccolai
  • SCO makes no IP licence sales in ANZ

    The SCO Group has not sold a single intellectual property licence in Australia or New Zealand since they became available last month.

    11 Feb. 04 12:21 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Microsoft security hole stretches wide

    Microsoft has released a critical software update to patch a security hole in a common Windows component that could allow malicious hackers to place and run their own code on machines running the Windows operating system.

    11 Feb. 04 12:16 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Primus to acquire AOL|7

    Primus Telecom today announced its intentions to acquire interactive media group AOL|7.

    11 Feb. 04 12:13 Written by Nadia Cameron
  • Intel updates software tools for Prescott, threading

    Intel has added software development tools for its recently released Prescott processors to its software library as well as tools to help improve the performance of applications that use its hyperthreading technology, the company said Tuesday.

    11 Feb. 04 08:05 Written by Tom Krazit
  • Uni slashes desktop support demands

    When Edith Cowan University's communications school switched to Mac OS X for its desktop and server hardware system support demands fell, according to its IT manager Steven Doyle.

    11 Feb. 04 07:58 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • IBM: Linux mainframe for German authority

    The German Federal Finance Office has implemented what its technology supplier, IBM, is calling one of the largest Linux-based mainframe deployments in Europe.

    11 Feb. 04 07:54 Written by John Blau
  • Intel inside storage now

    Intel has introduced two 4Gbit/s optical transceivers that offer double the speed of most Fibre Channel networks for around the same cost.

    11 Feb. 04 07:36 Written by Chris Mellor
  • PalmSource eyes enterprise, device variety with new OS

    PalmSource unveiled its latest handheld OS (operating system) on Tuesday, adding a host of features for business users and support for different device types such as tablets and portable media players.

    11 Feb. 04 07:35 Written by Joris Evers

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