• Akonix takes aim at spim

    Akonix Systems on Tuesday released a version of its instant messaging management and security gateway designed to block spim and malicious code.

    05 May 04 07:35 Written by John Fontana
  • Govt denies proprietary software a security risk

    The federal government has rejected warnings from an open source lobby group that closed source software presents a serious risk to Australia's national security and ought to be chucked out in favour of more transparent software.

    04 May 04 13:04 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Australians stung by Sasser

    The Sasser worm which began in Europe last Friday is now well and truly global, with the current rate of infection being highest in the Asia Pacific, according to local antivirus companies.

    04 May 04 12:31 Written by Dahna McConnachie
  • iAnywhere puts Domino apps onto devices

    Developers have a new option for extending Lotus Domino applications to mobile devices thanks to a new version of iAnywhere Solutions Inc.'s Pylon Application Server released on Monday.

    04 May 04 10:53 Written by James Niccolai
  • Siebel hands CEO duties to IBM sales exec

    Siebel Systems said Monday that founder Tom Siebel will step down as its chief executive and be replaced by IBM sales and distribution head Mike Lawrie. Siebel will remain the company's chairman.

    04 May 04 09:54 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • Cisco embedded OS gets brain surgery

    The brain behind Cisco Systems Inc.'s hardware is getting a lobotomy. Development teams at Cisco are sticking the proverbial ice pick in its Internetwork Operating System (IOS) and carving it up into modules, which one industry insider says will increase performance of hardware such as routers and save users money.

    04 May 04 08:50 Written by Rebecca Reid
  • IBM buzzing about Stinger database beta release

    IBM on Monday began an open beta phase for the upcoming release of DB2 Universal Database, codenamed Stinger, which features ease of administration through autonomic computing technologies.

    04 May 04 08:43 Written by Paul Krill
  • IBM launches eServer i5

    IBM on Monday announced the latest addition to its eServer line based on the company's POWER5 microprocessors. The new eServer i5 is designed for the small and medium business market and incorporates the newly announced Virtualization Engine, announced late last month.

    04 May 04 08:34 Written by Carly Suppa
  • Analysts: Nortel hostile takeover unlikely

    From the moment Nortel Networks announced last week that it had issued pink slips to its top execs and that its financials over the last three years were likely misrepresented, the IT world has been holding its breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    04 May 04 08:28 Written by Lindsay Bruce
  • PeopleSoft revamps World with small-business focus

    PeopleSoft is preparing a major sales push and technology update for the World software it inherited in its July acquisition of J.D. Edwards & Co. The company will soon release PeopleSoft World Express, a small business-aimed repackaging of the World software, with new features tailoring the suite for customers in four industrial markets, it said Monday.

    04 May 04 08:18 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • Experts weigh Sasser - Netsky worm connection

    A message buried in a new version of the Netsky e-mail worm is claiming responsibility for the Sasser Internet worm, and computer security experts say that there is evidence that the claim is legitimate.

    04 May 04 08:14 Written by Paul Roberts
  • Code on Aussie, code on

    Global financial software house, DST International, is doing something different with its software development. It’s doing it here in Australia. And now DSTi is increasing the amount of coding it’s doing in Australia, competing head-on with perceived low-cost outsourcers in Asia and India.

    04 May 04 08:12 Written by Ian Yates
  • Siemens moves to merge telephony, data center

    Telephony servers now emerging are set to transform enterprise phone systems into just one more service provided through the corporate data center.

    04 May 04 07:59 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Microsoft pursuing Sasser author

    Microsoft is working with law enforcement to find the author of the Sasser worm, which first appeared on Friday and targets machines running the company's Windows operating system.

    04 May 04 07:44 Written by Paul Roberts
  • PayPal reaches out to enterprise developers

    PayPal, a provider of online payment services, is providing application programming interfaces (APIs) to let third-party developers and merchants build applications that integrate with the PayPal system, the company announced Monday.

    04 May 04 07:42 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • IBM moves CFO Joyce to services division

    IBM shuffled its executive suite Monday, moving Chief Financial Officer (CFO) John Joyce to the head of its services group and naming global financial manager Mark Loughridge as his successor.

    04 May 04 07:22 Written by Stacy Cowley
  • Sasser worm could hit hard

    Microsoft issued an unusual weekend security warning Saturday that a worm has been unleashed on the Internet taking advantage of a security hole announced publicly last month. Microsoft once again urged users to install its most recent critical Windows updates.

    03 May 04 17:50 Written by Sharon Machlis
  • Next-generation WiFi: Enterprise Prince or Bandwidth Frog?

    In this research paper we look at the current state of wireless networking in the enterprise from satisfaction and investment levels to common pain points when it comes to keeping the WiFi lights on. We also look at how clued up and prepared the average enterprise is to handle the introduction of WiGig (802.11ad) and other new high bandwidth technologies likely to add whole new set of challenges as well as potential benefits to the network mix.


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