• Penten smooths mobile security for spooks

    Australia is not renowned for producing homegrown security hardware, but Canberra-based company Penten is bringing to market a tiny device that promises big benefits, and significant cost savings, when it comes to secure wireless access to classified data and government networks.

    20 June 17 06:30 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • QA: How TiVo’s CIO manages disparate mobile platforms

    Tivo CIO Steve Palmucci faces a disparate set of mobile platforms to secure and manage and, while he's managed that so far, he also has a wish list of features that could unite his mobile and desktop environments under one umbrella.

    19 June 17 20:22 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • How to tell if AI or machine learning is real

    False and misleading claims abound that applications and cloud services are now smart. Here’s how to identify true artificial intelligence and machine learning

    16 June 17 20:00 Written by Galen Gruman
  • Cyber risk: The next facet of business insurance

    With cyber security threats on the rise worldwide, companies have begun utilising traditional risk transfer mechanisms, like insurance, to try and mitigate cost impacts if a data breach occurs.

    16 June 17 13:00 Written by Len Kleinman, RSA
  • NBN begins FTTC roll out

    NBN has begun the roll out of fibre to the curb (FTTC), the company announced this morning.

    16 June 17 11:15 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Salary analysis flares tabs versus spaces debate

    ​The “eternal holy war” over tabs versus spaces is set to flare again following a report which suggests developers who use spaces for indentation make more money than those who use tabs, even if they have the same amount of experience.

    16 June 17 09:59 Written by George Nott
  • SD-WAN: What it is and why you’ll use it one day

    Managing the Wide Area Network (WAN) for Redmond Inc., a supplier of industrial and commercial products – from salt that’s used to protect winter roadways to organic dairy products and health items – is an easier job today for the company’s technical project manager Aaron Gabrielson than it was a year ago.

    16 June 17 09:17 Written by Brandon Butler
  • 10 GbE switches set to lose share this year as 40, 100 GbE switches gain traction

    For the first time since their debut on the market in the mid-2000s, 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches are set to lose share in the networking industry this year as service providers and hyperscale customers continue to adopt faster bandwidth 40 and 100 GbE switches, according to data from research firm IDC.

    15 June 17 23:38 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Lies, damned lies and the CNN Politics App

    ​There are 'lies, damned lies, and statistics' goes the old adage. But in the era of so-called ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’, raw data is proving a more valued source of information than our partisan politicians and media outlets.

    15 June 17 16:03 Written by George Nott
  • Review calls for CIO at Queensland’s electoral commission

    There is an “urgent need” for the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) to invest in technology, including potentially appointing a permanent chief information officer, an independent panel scrutinising the conduct of Queensland’s 2016 local government elections has concluded.

    15 June 17 13:54 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • The Future State of the CIO - A Case of ‘Career Is Over’ or ‘Career Is Opportunity’?

    Can the rise in importance of technology and data to enterprises mean that the ‘CIO to CEO’ route will finally open for more business technologists? What are the new skill sets that are necessary? And which elements of the old role can be safely jettisoned? Find out more in this insightful whitepaper.


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