• At JPL, IT ‘dares mighty things’

    Best Places to Work in IT 2019: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s tech workers are given tools to ‘solve difficult problems that no one else has solved.’

    17 June 19 20:00 Written by Mary K. Pratt
  • Phishers hit ACU, compromised systems

    The Australian Catholic University says that a number of staff email accounts and some of its systems have been compromised after a successful phishing campaign.

    17 June 19 17:33 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Telstra eyes more TV spectrum for mobile services

    Telstra has recommend that the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) look at whether some of the spectrum set aside for television services could be better used for 5G mobile services.

    17 June 19 15:44 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Warning issued over NBN scam surge

    Australian consumers lost an average of $110,000 to NBN scams in the first five months of 2019, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

    17 June 19 13:43 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Home Affairs seeks to tackle hodgepodge UC

    Home Affairs is seeking to rationalise its unified communications platforms as part of a broader strategy to streamline technology at the mega-department.

    17 June 19 11:51 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Dutton backs ‘sensible discussion’ of expanded role for ASD

    Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton has said that he doesn’t support an expansion of the Australian Signals Directorate’s mandate to include “spying” within Australia, but has called for a “sensible discussion” of a domestic role for the ASD.

    17 June 19 09:46 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • The next wave of ransomware

    Cybercrime, specifically ransomware, is evolving to match business cloud trends with ransomcloud, the next wave of ransomware, set to become a key concern for organisations within the next few years.

    17 June 19 09:00 Written by James Bergl, CompTIA & Datto
  • SAS’s CEO-in-waiting lays out company's AI-driven future

    The CEO-in-waiting of analytics software firm SAS, Oliver Schabenberger, has set out the company’s strategy to help clients bring more automation to their data science and AI efforts, at an event in Sydney this morning.

    14 June 19 14:09 Written by George Nott
  • Google policy head retools team for global lobbying push

    Google is trying to plug a surge of public scrutiny around the world by overhauling how its policy office operates, with increased emphasis on having policy staffers and top company executives alike building relationships with governments, people familiar with the matter said this week.

    14 June 19 10:48 Written by Reuters
  • Huawei files to trademark mobile OS around the world after U.S. ban

    China's Huawei has applied to trademark its "Hongmeng" operating system (OS) in at least nine countries and Europe, data from a UN body shows, in a sign it may be deploying a back-up plan in key markets as US sanctions threaten its business model.

    14 June 19 09:58 Written by Reuters
  • Next step in Assange extradition case due in UK court on Friday

    WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange is due before a London court on Friday, facing the next stage of a U.S. attempt to try him on spying charges after Britain’s interior minister said he had validated the American extradition request.

    14 June 19 08:52 Written by Reuters
  • Utilising soft skills to tackle common IT project challenges

    The world of IT project management is constantly evolving. Learn how your soft skills are critical for your personal and professional success.

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