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News about World IPv6 Day
  • Companies shun, hide IPv6 rollouts due to security fears

    Hundreds of Australian companies have trialled or introduced new IPv6 technology internally but are keeping silent out of concern that they’ll be seen to be taking unnecessary risks with the security of their networks, the Australian organiser of World IPv6 Day has revealed.

  • Aus a blip on real-time IPv6 Internet radar

    Application scaling provider Akamai Technologies has developed a real-time graph of IPv6 traffic across its network for World IPv6 Day today, but unfortunately Australia hardly rates a mention.

  • IPocalypse reports greatly exaggerated: Internode

    'Panic merchants' who predicted the end of the internet, as Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses run out, are as bad as the Y2K bug alarmists of 12 years ago, according to a local proponent of IPv6.