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  • vividwireless ViViFi WiMAX modem review

    The first thing you notice about vividwireless' portable ViViFi modem is just how cute it is. I had to wrest the diminutive device away from the CIO editor, who was sitting at her cubicle caressing it and making vaguely Gollum-esque noises. The modem looks vaguely like an Oreo, if the biscuit parts were removed and if Oreos were square, made out of plastic and designed by Apple. So perhaps the best way to describe the modem is: It's not like an Oreo.

  • Telstra on track for 4G LTE in 2011

    Telstra has confirmed plans to leapfrog its competition are on track, with the commercial deployment of Long Term Evolutionary (LTE) technology into its wireless network by the year’s end.

  • Vividwireless dismisses ability of Telstra LTE network

    Vividwireless chief executive, Martin Mercer, has rubbished the ability of Telstra's announced Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, claiming the telco's plans to operate the network in the 1800mHz spectrum band will result in network speeds matching only that of vividwireless' WiMax network.

  • Vividwireless hits 128Mpbs in first TD-LTE trials

    Wireless broadband provider vividwireless this week signalled further moves away from the WiMAX network it debuted with, hitting peak speeds of 128 megabits per second (Mbps) in live trials of rival mobile technology, Time Division Duplex Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE).

  • Vividwireless launches Unlimited plan

    Vividwireless has launched the latest salvo in the war for end users, announcing what it claims to be the first fully unlimited wireless data plan.

  • WBA sells spectrum to Energy Australia

    Wireless Broadband Australia (WBA), formerly Unwired Group, has signed a deal with Energy Australia (EA) that will allow it to use a portion of WBA's 2.3 GHz spectrum for smart grid applications.