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  • Government backs down on NBN bill

    The government has gutted a telecommunications bill that would make significant changes to NBN legislation in the face of opposition from the telco industry, Labor and the Greens.

  • Govt MPs dismiss fears of NBN mission creep

    A Senate committee has endorsed a controversial bill that will change some of the rules governing NBN’s operations, but Labor and Greens senators have called for a major overhaul of the proposed legislation.

  • Optus calls for changes to NBN bill

    Optus has called for changes to be made to a government bill intended to implement a number of recommendations of the Vertigan review into the National Broadband Network.

  • Vertigan panel sees no need to tighten NBN wholesale rules

    The first report out of the NBN Panel of Experts, appointed by the government to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the National Broadband Network, has rejected calls by telcos to further strengthen the rules that restrict NBN Co to wholesale-only operations.

  • Conroy asks why Vertigan panel bothering with NBN analysis

    A National Broadband Network review panel will finish its cost-benefit analysis comparing different NBN approaches even though the government has already decided to go ahead with a multi-technology model, said the panel’s chair, Michael Vertigan.