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  • Will Twitter sway elections in Australia?

    Social media is expected to play a significant role in political messaging leading up to the federal election on 14 September. However, finding an effective social strategy may be no easy task.

  • Opposition responds to budget, slams NBN

    Shadow communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has continued the Opposition's post budget reply attack on the National Broadband Network (NBN), claiming that billions of dollars will be pumped into the national infrastructure project.

  • Coalition proposes cuts to online student testing

    Among the cuts announced this week as part of the coalition's proposed alternative flood reconstruction fund are online diagnostic tools students promised by the current Gillard Government during the 2010 election campaign.

  • Abbott acknowledges support for NBN in Tasmania

    Opposition leader Tony Abbott has given one of the strongest suggestions to date that the Coalition will not roll back fibre deployed by the NBN Co should it be elected to power at the next election.

  • Abbott pledges NBN vigilance

    Tony Abbott has warned Julia Gillard's government-in-waiting that the Opposition will be "hyper-vigilant" in its monitoring of Labor's National Broadband Network project for screw-ups.

  • Abbott not aware of R18+ games issue, but will review if elected

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott tonight said he would be happy to examine the issue of an R18+ classification rating for video games if the Coalition won the upcoming Federal Election, although he admitted he did not know there had been a debate on the issue.

  • Federal Election 2010: Liberal Party's social media strategy

    The Liberal Party's social media presence throughout the Federal election campaign has been patchy at best, hallmarked by a PR 'broadcast'-style approach and is typified by Opposition leader Tony Abbott, who hasn't bothered tweeting in almost a month.

  • Abbott's ICT cuts "senseless": Conroy

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has described Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as "reckless" and election promises to save millions by dropping a training fund for Telstra employees and other sections of NBN Co's deal with Telstra as "senseless cuts".