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  • Senators call on FTC to investigate Target breach

    A U.S. senator has called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Target's security practices after the large retailer reported a data breach affecting 40 million customer credit and debit cards.

  • Legal liabilities: A new dimension to information security

    Readers will be familiar with the explosive global growth in data theft and data leakage incidents. But they may be less familiar with the corresponding increase in multi-million-dollar law suits flowing from such incidents, as those who are burned in the fall-out from security breaches seek compensation from the courts to cover their losses.

  • Man accused in TJX data breach pleads guilty

    One of the 11 people arrested last month in connection with the massive data theft at TJX Companies, BJ Wholesale Clubs and several other US retailers pleaded guilty yesterday to four felony counts, including wire and credit card fraud and aggravated identity theft.