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  • Cyber risks to Australia’s election integrity

    The increasing digitisation of our world has transformed the way in which we live and work. Although living in an increasingly connected world has produced many benefits it has also created new challenges. One being the unrelenting risk of cyber crime which is perpetually on the rise. Not only are the types of cyber threats increasing, so too are the number of cyber criminals.

  • Vulnerabilities to hit 19,000 this year — time for Australia to get smart on security

    What do storms, volcanoes and cyber attacks have in common? All can have a devastating impact on society and all have claimed a spot on the World Economic Forum’s top global risks of 2018 list. Last year, the global cost of cybercrime was estimated to exceed $600 billion, equating to around 0.8 per cent of global GDP. An eye-watering amount.

  • New security tools from Tenable, HP, Co3 attempt the impossible

    Automated incident response is one of the fastest growing fields in computer security. Alternatively called threat monitoring, vulnerability management or threat management, it encompasses the seemingly impossible task of defending a network from active threats as they happen, in addition to detecting every possible vulnerability that could be exploited by an attacker.

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  • Using security metrics to drive action in ASIA Pacific

    22 Experts Share How to Communicate Security Program Effectiveness to Upper Management. Today’s cybersecurity challenges are more complex than ever before. Technologies like Development Containers, Cloud, BYOD, and BYOA have greatly complicated the security team’s ability to understand all of the potential IT attack surface. We hope you find this e-book useful in helping you develop and communicate security metrics in your own organization.