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  • Telstra talks customer phone privacy

    Telstra has moved to re-assure customers that their phone conversations are kept private and would be only accessed if a police warrant was in place for a particular customer.

  • Telco Interception Act places "onerous requirements" on industry

    The Australian telecommunications industry has warned that the Federal Government’s proposed amendments to the Telecommunications Interception Act will have "onerous requirements" for telecommunications providers and could limit partnerships and outsourcing by Australian companies, further warning of a potential impact on Cloud services provision.

  • State AGs question Google about Street View Wi-Fi snooping

    Law enforcement officials from 38 states have sent a letter to Google, asking the company whether it tested its Street View mapping software before discovering it was snooping on Wi-Fi networks as the Street View cars drove through neighborhoods.

  • Qld govt tips $14M into phone taps

    The Queensland government has tipped $14 million into wiretapping capabilities to support new phone interception powers handed to police last year.

  • Telecommunications Amendment Bill passes

    The Federal Government’s Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment Bill 2009 has passed the Senate, widening the range of options for private entities to protect their IT networks from cyber attack.

  • Forensic expert backs Telecommunications Act changes

    A call for intercepted data to be destroyed "as soon as it is no longer required" has been described as shortsighted by the director of one of the country's leading forensic computer labs. The call is part of the Greens’ opposition to amendments to the Telecommunications Interception Act, which was tabled in the Senate.