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  • ‘Bigtech’ not fintech the biggest threat to banks

    Fintech – startup companies offering innovative financial services — are often touted as a major threat to established banks, but, says Laura Crozier, global industry director, financial services at Software AG, it is the 'bigtech' companies — in particular Amazon, Apple and Google — they should fear most.

  • NAB banks on partnerships

    National Australia Bank is partnering with a range of other organisations, and investing in startups, to broaden the range of services it is able offer customers and to bolster its position in the face of a range of players that are competing for segments of its business.

  • Trade Ledger rides the open banking wave

    The banking sector is in the midst of its greatest technology-driven transformation since the introduction of the ATM, according to the chief executive of Trade Ledger Martin McCann.

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  • 9 hot enterprise storage companies to watch

    Amidst all the venture investments this year in startups that generate gobs of data -- from those focused on everything from apps to drones to the Internet of Things to Big Data -- are a batch of newcomers aiming to help organizations store and access all that information. Yes, storage companies are pulling in big bucks in 2015, as they did in 2014, and a couple have even double-dipped this year and announced two rounds of funding.