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  • In Pictures: 15 non-certified IT skills growing in demand

    In Pictures: 15 non-certified IT skills growing in demand

    Whether you're a senior IT executive evaluating staffing needs and preparing budgets or an IT pro deciding where to invest your time to gain new skills, knowing what technologies are in demand should be a key part of your strategy.

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  • Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up: 28 June 2010

    Among the numerous board appointments announced over the past week came news of further job cuts at Alcatel-Lucent, signalling an uncertain telecommunications market that seems to have the major players on edge, particularly surrounding the National Broadband Network (NBN).

  • Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up: 7 June 2010

    HP's looming job cuts to its enterprise services division hasn't been the most comforting news of the past week, but an inevitably impending sign of IT skills shifting in the market to take advantage of new automation technologies and other technological trends.

  • Tap the wisdom of employees -- and boost the bottom line

    When it comes to solving pressing business problems, the conventional wisdom is that two heads are better than one. With the advent of collective-intelligence tools, enterprises are realizing that thousands of heads are even better still.

  • IT Contracting: How to Get Started on Elance, oDesk

    Nathan Wenneker joined Elance, an online freelance marketplace, in August 2008 because he wanted to become a self-employed IT contractor. The web application developer had no interest in a traditional full-time IT job; he wanted control over when he worked, how much he worked and the kind of work he did.

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  • Third Platform demands special attention from candidates and recruiters

    This IDG Connect white paper explores the effect of how third platform technologies are affecting workers at all levels of IT. <p> The current expansion of the Third Platform presents a wealth of job opportunities for IT professionals with skills and ambition in mobile computing, social networking, the cloud and big data analytics. Based on interviews of 100 IT decision makers working for organizations in Australia, Canada and the US, this IDG Connect white paper from Randstad explores how third platform technologies are affecting workers at all levels of IT.