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  • Election Day was just another chance to worry about security

    At the moment I'm a bit of a security grouch. I keep seeing product after product that has significant vulnerabilities. And this isn't just happening with the things I deal with at work. Even Election Day had me grousing about the state of our software security.

  • Detoured by Shellshock and Poodle

    As I moved into the information security position at my new company a few weeks ago, I was anxious to do a full assessment of our security defenses. But I was immediately sidetracked by, not one, but two major vulnerabilities that couldn't be ignored. Those were fires that had to be put out before I could do anything else.

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  • Microsoft's Sinofsky, by the numbers

    Microsoft is best known for Windows, and or the past six years, Steven Sinofsky has been best known as the man behind Windows. Even the numbers tell a story.