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  • Server Buyer's Guide : Configuration and Management Guide

    Server provisioning and configuration management is a set of tools focused on managing the configuration life cycle of physical and virtual server environments. Some vendors offer functionality for the entire life cycle of physical servers, or they may offer specific point solutions in a couple of areas or focus solely on virtual servers.

  • Server Buying Guide: Server Strategy Checklist

    When purchasing servers, understanding workloads is critical. But this is just one of the myriad of factors that need to be taken into account to implement the right server strategy. There is clearly a trend toward purchasing computing power at ever-higher densities. This is underpinned by a shift from individual servers to the creation, management and use of virtual systems over a network. There is also the need for more efficient power management. Following is a checklist of server strategies to meet different IT needs.

  • Server Buying Guide: FAQs

    Servers remain a critical component of an IT organisation’s overall infrastructure and operations strategy. To assist IT professionals with their server purchasing requirements, Computerworld has created this step by step Buyers Guide. It includes a server technology checklist, a configuration and management guide as well as a roundup of emerging trends that may shape purchasing decisions. The enterprise Buying Guide also features a Glossary of Terms and begins by addressing the most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).