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  • Short keywords win out on Google Instant

    Early critics have called Google’s new instant search feature the death of search engine optimisation (SEO) and traditional search rankings, while others have been more moderate in their outlook that the feature simply [[Artnid:360020|demands a reassessment of how SEO is done]]. However, one SEO expert told <i>Computerworld Australia</i> that the feature may be a boon for some.

  • Search marketers consider optimizing for Bing

    Once Google cornered the bulk of the search market, many search marketers stopped optimizing their sites for other engines, but that could change when the Bing-Yahoo integration happens, experts speaking at Search Marketing Expo said.

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  • Rev up the Search Engines

    Your web startup needs to cut through the clutter and reel in customers, and search engine optimization (SEO) can be just the ticket. SEO helps improve your search rankings so your website shows up higher on Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. "SEO is really [fundamental]. It should be a line item when you're developing your website," says Greg Bozigian, founder and chief media officer of new media marketing company Visionary View.