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  • NBN oversight falls victim to partisanship

    Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has lambasted the Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network (JCNBN) for becoming more about party politics than about the roll out of the NBN.

  • Oakeshott: Coalition's NBN may only save $5 billion

    Independent MP Rob Oakeshott believes based on his own “rough figures”, the Coalition’s version of the National Broadband Network (NBN) would only be $5 billion cheaper than Labor’s $37.4 billion NBN.

  • Early signs of NBN cost overruns: Oakeshott

    The Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network has warned that NBN Co may be showing early signs of cost-blowouts and delays, with timeframe slippage and higher than expected operating expenditure recorded during the last six months.

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