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News about rich internet applications
  • Open source Vaadin bridges Java to Ajax

    With rich Internet applications all the rage an open source Web framework dubbed Vaadin promises rapid Ajax development while keeping Java code on the server.

  • Microsoft Silverlight 4 tools released

    Microsoft made available on Monday Sliverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010, an add-on package for the Visual Studio 2010 IDE providing tooling for the Sliverlight 4 rich Internet plugin-in platform.

  • SAP opens door to prospective research partners for NBN

    The president and chief executive officer of SAP Australia New Zealand , Tim Ebbeck, has described the National Broadband Network (NBN) as a ‘critical piece of national infrastructure’ to Australia’s economic future.

  • IBM tool eases JavaScript development

    Countering rivals Microsoft and Adobe Systems, IBM is offering a free tool to simplify development of JavaScript-based Web applications, featuring use of a modeling language, according to IBM sources.

Features about rich internet applications
  • Rich Internet apps that double as desktop apps

    Finding a single development environment for all purposes has so far proven an unattainable goal. But with the advent of rich Internet applications (RIA), development nirvana gets a bit closer.