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  • Australian airports to deploy body scanning technology

    The attempted terrorist attack aboard a US-bound Christmas Day flight has prompted the Federal Government to introduce body scanning technology at international airports, as part of a $200 million airport security boost.

  • Exetel stops disconnecting pirates

    Exetel will stop blocking customer accounts linked to copyright infringement as a result of last week's failed lawsuit against Internet Service Provider (ISP) iiNet.

  • Rudd: Quigley doing “a great job”

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has defended the NBN Co recruitment process, saying it made an independent decision to hire Mike Kaiser as its government relations officer.

  • Rudd defends one PC per student policy

    Prime minister Kevin Rudd has defended his Government’s National Secondary School Computer Fund initiative, arguing it is on track to achieving its goal of one PC to every secondary student in years nine to 12 by 2011.

  • KRudd's Blog = Government 2.0 Fail

    A more open and interactive government may be the goal of Government 2.0, but it would seem that somebody hasn’t let the prime minister, Kevin Rudd know.