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  • ​5 ways to improve your presentations

    To help your business reach the heights it deserves, it’s important to get your presentation technique spot on. Impressive stats and facts won’t sell themselves, so you need to invest the time in making them stand out.

  • 5 Ways to Ruin Your Next Presentation

    Carmine Gallo, presentation coach and author of the upcoming book <em>The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs</em> (McGraw-Hill, October 2009), has counseled many executives on how to give a great presentation. He's also witnessed many common-yet avoidable-presentation errors that people always seem to commit.

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  • Big Presentation? 6 tips to go from stressed to your best!

    A little nervousness is a good thing, because it keeps you on your A-game. But feeling too much of it comes across as discomfort, which makes your audience uneasy too, and hence they’ll be hesitant about your message. What’s more, intense nerves hinder your thinking, which makes it harder to convince people about your message. So, here are six tips to keep your nerves under control.

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