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  • Entertainment companies seek to block subtitle download sites

    A coalition of entertainment companies is seeking to have Australian telcos block their customers from accessing a number of sites that offer downloads of subtitles that can be used in conjunction with illicitly streamed or downloaded movies and TV shows.

  • Entertainment companies join forces in major push to block pirate sites

    Village Roadshow Films and a group of film studios have been joined by Hong Kong company Television Broadcasts Limited (and subsidiary TVBO Production Limited) as well as Australian entertainment distributor Madman Entertainment Pty Limited in a push to significantly expand the range of piracy-linked sites blocked by major Australian ISPs.

  • Foxtel seeks to slam door on prison drama pirates

    Foxtel has returned to Federal Court for its third application for an injunction to stop Australians accessing a range of sites it says facilitate infringement of its copyright, including by providing unauthorised access to its prison drama Wentworth.

  • Hong Kong broadcaster’s piracy fight falters

    It has not been smooth sailing for Hong Kong-headquartered Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in its attempt to have Australian ISPs block access to online services linked to a number of set-top boxes.

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  • Gotcha! Pursuing software pirates

    You might not realize it, but two out of every 10 of your co-workers might be using pirated software, according to industry statistics. You might be, too, for that matter, particularly if you work in manufacturing or at a small or midsize company with 100 to 500 PCs. You just might not know it.