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  • OpenCL 1.1 ratified by The Khronos Group

    The Khronos Group has ratified OpenCL 1.1, a programming standard for parallel execution of tasks across multicore processors, the standards-setting organization said on Monday.

  • Hot Chips to spotlight eight-core server processors

    Chip makers will describe plans to deliver server processors with eight CPU cores at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University, though there is some debate about what the products will mean for end-users.

  • Snow Leopard taps into the Mac's core power

    Laptops and desktops could see software performance gains with parallel programming tools built into Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X 10.6, which was introduced by the company on Monday.

  • OpenCL technology may speed up 'Snow Leopard'

    A recently-approved technology standard should help software developers to tap the latent processing power of graphics chips and transform regular computers into veritable supercomputers -- at least for certain applications. Poised to take advantage of the technology first is Apple.