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  • What Acquia did next

    Boston-headquartered Acquia is entering a new phase of its evolution as it expands its cloud offering, seeking to be the “universal platform” for enterprises to build digital experiences.

  • New Node.js merges in the best of io.js

    Now that the reunion of Node.js and io.js factions is a done deal, Node.js users can look forward to an upcoming version that converges the two variants of the server-side JavaScript platform.

  • Node.js project lead steps aside

    With Node.js, the popular server-side JavaScript platform, being moved to a new governance model and new platforms, the current project lead will be stepping down.

  • Two years in the making, Node.js upgrade arrives

    In development for nearly two years, the 0.12 release of Node.js is about to become available. Whether the release can mend the now-fractured community that has been built around the popular server-side JavaScript platform remains to be seen.

  • 7 cutting-edge programming experiments worth trying

    The words "cutting edge" may be crisp and definite, slicing through air like a knife in a bar fight. But few things strike fear in the minds of enterprise IT like the claim that a new product is built by a team working on the "cutting edge" of technology.