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  • NBN 101: How the NBN can change Australian healthcare

    Back when he was a far more popular figure among the ALP hierarchy, Kevin Rudd led Labor to victory with the grand promise of a nationwide high-speed broadband network that would provide ubiquitous access for all Australians.

  • NBN 101: A broadband-driven education revolution?

    At the mainland Australia launch of the National Broadband Network (NBN) earlier this month, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and communications minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, pushed the ceremonial button alongside smiling school children.

  • NBN 101: The Internet or applications?

    The Internet is often seen as a single entity; one point of contact in which all online communication and activity takes place. This is understandable: While the Internet itself is made up of thousands of inter-connected networks, systems and applications, it usually appears as a single item on your monthly bill.