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  • Encryption in government’s crosshairs

    The federal government has denied it is interested in forcing companies that offer encrypted communications services to create “backdoors” to allow security agencies access. However, the prime minister and the attorney-general have indicated that they want to strengthen the ability to legally compel a company to assist with decryption.

  • TSSR: Concerns persist over government’s telco security reforms

    The government’s second attempt at a draft bill intended to strengthen the security of Australia’s network infrastructure has had a better reception among industry stakeholders, but major telcos have expressed continued reservations about the ‘Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms’ (TSSR).

  • TSSR: Industry concerns over telco security legislation remain

    Although telco industry organisations welcomed the federal government’s attempt at redrafting a bill intended to boost the security of Australia’s telco infrastructure, concerns remain about the second version of the innocuously named Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill.

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